Monday, 7 January 2013

Billy Roc vs. Reed Bentley

For months, Reed Bentley's slowly undergone a personal transformation. At this time last year, he was a vile, heartless villain, not afraid to crush another man's heart and soul to gain even the smallest step ahead in this world. But after being stood up to during Class Wars: Season 1, he was brought back down to Earth and wanted to do things the right way.

Bentley began training under Billy Roc officially at the School of Roc over the summer, to erase his "black sheep" label he'd been given since debuting in pro wrestling. He began abandoning his cheating ways, replacing his scowl with a smile, and even found himself as Billy Roc's first draft pick for CLASS WARS: SEASON 2 (premiering on Monday, January 28). But he still finds himself without full trust on either side of the fence - both the one he used to stand and the one he finds himself standing now.

This is his final test - his graduation bout from the School of Roc. What has he learned in his months under the tutelage of Billy Roc and more importantly - can he earn the full trust of his teammates through his actions in this match?

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