Sunday, 13 January 2013

ECW Documentary Director Kevin Kiernan PWINSIDERTV Interview - Covering ECW

ECW Documentary director Kevin Kiernan discusses the forthcoming film on Extreme Championship Wrestling, how he came on board with the project, looking at ECW from outside the viewpoint of a pro wrestling fan, the most surprising thing he found about the company while working on the film, whether he ever felt de-sensitized to all the violence, what work is left in the production of the film, whether he feels ECW was a success or failure having studied the company, how the fan base supported the project via and much more.

Kevin's film promises to be "an unauthorized, in-depth documentary about the defunct pro wrestling organization, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). This film aims to take an honest, non-bias, and critical look at the history, legacy, and impact of ECW on the professional wrestling industry, as well as tell the stories of men and women who helped build this small mom and pop promotion into a national force. The documentary examines the violence and bloodshed, marketing and fan involvement, as well as the decisions of those in charge, through the company's triumphs, glory years, controversies, and demise."

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