Monday, 27 January 2014

Mick Foley’s Son Blasts WWE & Royal Rumble PPV

Credit: who copied this before it was removed.

“Sorry people who know much about wrestling, but this company right now is in some serious s–t. This is really bad for their company because one or two individuals truly believe that their opinions reign much higher over the millions and millions of people who watch their show religiously on a weekly basis. It’s such a horrible feeling obviously because it hits close to home. You have these guys who work their asses off 320+ days a year, who barely see their loved ones, and they get completely disrespected and disregarded because Triple f–king H thinks they’re ‘too small’ or not star material.

“My dad made your ass, and people told my dad all his life that he would amount to nothing. So Triple H should know from experience that the people that work their asses off and that are told that they are worthless, are the ones that make the company the best it can be. Without my dad, Triple H is just a mid-carder. My dad went out of his way to make sure that he turned Triple H into the intimidating, scary, cerebral assassin, son of a b—h that he has become. So it’s about time that people who deserve to be the best are given the opportunity to show it. WWE is a f–king dictatorship and it is just truly a shame.”

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