Friday, 3 January 2014

WWE Battleground 2013 comes to DVD and Blu-ray this Monday 6th January

Despite back-to-back WWE Championship wins, the relentless Daniel Bryan finds himself dethroned at the behest of his ruthless and powerful detractors. Now, to prove his mettle once and for all, he must continue his winning ways against Randy Orton, who has transformed into the remorseless viper once again.

Plus after a vicious attack by Ryback led to CM Punk being pinned by Paul Heyman, an enraged Punk looks to retaliate when he battles the ravenous Ryback.

And Rob Van Dam challenges Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title in a brutal Hardcore Rules match.

Embroiled in controversy and devoid of a champion, the future of WWE will take shape at the inaugural WWE Battleground.

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