Wednesday, 21 May 2014

TCW - Traditional Championship Wrestling TV Show 14-20 (Classics)

A Month of Championship Matches - that's what we're in the middle of...but you will be shocked when you see how the TCW Heavyweight Champion reacts to a challenge.

We kick off this week with newcomer Scott Phoenix taking on All That Alan Steele with Rich Rude. And the effect that Phoenix has on new interviewer Bailey is priceless!

Matt Riviera's therapist may be a little more manipulative than the Empire is the expense of a couple of Empire members!!

Trust is an issue within the Empire and Chris Adonis may be the person to show whether trust survives within the Empire.

Whenever Chris Adonis comes to TCW, there is ALWAYS a Masterlock Challenge. Who steps up?

And Barrett Brown has a career changing moment as he challenges the TCW Heavyweight Champion, Lance Hoyt.

Lily finally talks with Boyd Bradford for the first time after she dognapped Roosevelt weeks ago. Roosevelt's return to Bradford may come at a steep price!

The TCW Tag Team Champions defend against a team that has been successful in other areas, but are newcomers to TCW...Blake Wilder and Purple Haze.

Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson host.

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