Thursday, 27 November 2014

WWL vs TNA at "Navidad Corporativa

With the WWL World Championship on the line, Shane "The Glamour Boy" (Champion) vs TNA’s World Heavyweight Champion, Booby Roode.

(San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sunday, November 23rd, 2014) – On this week’s episode of WWL’s "Idols of Wrestling" TV program, the Director of Operations, Savio Vega, with WWL President Richard Negrín’s approval, made the announcement that the challenger that will face the WWL’s World’s champion Shane "The Glamour Boy" is the TNA World Heavyweight champion, Bobby Roode. With this announcement, the main event for "Navidad Corporativa" (Corporate Christmas) has been confirmed for Saturday December 13th at 8:00PM, returning to the "José ‘Pepín’ Cestero Arena" in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

The card for "Navidad Corporativa" at the moment looks like this:

WWL World Title Match
Shane "The Glamour Boy" (c) vs TNA World Champion – Bobby Roode

WWL World Tag Team Title Match
"La Artillería Pesada" Thunder & Lightning (c) with "Su Majestad" El Profe vs TNA World Tag Team champions – "The Revolution" (James Storm & Abyss) with "El Hacedor de Campeones" José Chaparro

WWL World ‘Tríos’ Title Match
"La Rabia" - Noel Rodríguez, Stefano & D-nnis Rivera vs "Team Corporativo" – "Los Hermanos Rodríguez" (Víctor y Manuel) & "El Latino Dorado" Joe Bravo

Personal Grudge
"El Léon" Apolo with "La Diosa" Habana vs "El Rabioso Original" Mr. Big
Will "El Sensacional" Carlitos and Mr. 450 be able to face each other again? Due to Carlito’s fractured jaw, suffered during his last match with Mr. 450, he has not been released to get back in the ring and wrestle.

Super special ticket prices: Tickets for Red Carpet ($25) and Ring Side ($20) will include:

1. Autograph signing session
2. Bonus pre-show Three-way match
3. 8 x10 Color Picture

Richard Negrín stated: "NOBODY in the industry gives you more than the WORLD WRESTLING LEAGUE."

* General Admission $10.00 and Children $5.00

Tickets will go on sale Monday November 24th at , "La Gran Discoteca" at Sears, or by calling (787) 303-0334.

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