Monday, 19 January 2015

Mr. 450: “I come to WWL to start a collection of championships and I begin with the Américas title.”

(San Juan, Puerto Rico, Wednesday, January 14th, 2015) – During this past Sunday’s episode of the “Idols of Wrestling” TV show, Mr. 450 was very clear about his intentions of challenging “El Fenómeno” BJ, for the WWL Américas championship belt.

Mr. 450 came out victorious from his TLC match with “Sensacional” Carlitos at “Guerra de Reyes”, in what was denominated their “Final Battle” and where Carlito also exposed his #1 contender position for the WWL Américas title, which was obtained by “El Fenómeno” BJ in the same event, where he was part of the WWL Grand Prix and came out a the winner after defeating the other 5 great participants: the Mexican Laredo Kid (who was the champion coming into the match), “El Latino Dorado” Joe Bravo, “El Dueño del Mundo” Tua, Vassago and Escobar.

“I did it! I am the number one contender to the Américas title. Very soon, at “Wrestling Fest”, ladies and gentlemen, “El Fenómeno” BJ and Mr. 450. History says it all… BJ, you know me very well; perhaps better than any other wrestler in the WWL. But you know something BJ; you, just as with everyone else, just as all the fans, just as my trainer Invader #3; what did you all do? You all turned your backs on me. Now, as the world turns, you and I will be face to face. I am the number one contender to the Américas title, and you know what; when you least expect it, I am coming for you. You think that because you won the WWL Grand Prix, because you beat 5 other wrestlers, that you are the best, that you are the phenomenal one, and you ran your mouth saying that you were the face of change in wrestling. But what did you do? You didn’t change a thing BJ! I changed wrestling in Puerto Rico by bringing in Japan and Mexico’s “Stong Style”. It was me! The last one of my kind! The best wrestler in the world! You beat 5 other wrestlers that altogether do not come close to being one Mr. 450. BJ, go ahead and bring that “Umpa Lumpa” Pablito with you, bring “La Rabia”, bring whoever you want because very soon I will start to collect championships here in the World Wrestling League. It will all begin with the Américas tltle. ‘Cause, why would I want to be a king, when I can be a god”, stated Mr. 450 just as he challenged “El Fenómeno” BJ, the current WWL Américas champion.

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