Monday, 19 January 2015

“The Gentlemen's Club” Wreaks Havoc Upon Arrival at WWL

(San Juan, Puerto Rico, Thursday, January 15th, 2015) – During the main event at WWL’s “Guerra de Reyes”, which took place this past January 6th at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente de San Juan, Puerto Rico, the “Gentlemen’s Club” was formed. After Alberto “El Patrón” was proclaimed the new WWL World champion, in a match where WWL’s president Richard Negrín and Monster Pain interfered, Savio Vega was fired by Negrín and then relentlessly attacked by the newly formed faction. The group, integrated by Negrín as their leader, Alberto El Patrón, "La Amenaza" Bryan, Escobar, "El Latino Dorado" Joe Bravo, "El Dueño del Espacio" Tua and "El Hombre que no es Fácil" Gilbert (not present at the event) beat the now former WWL Director of Operations Savio Vega with his very owned “Santa María ritual, and left him in the middle of the ring, in a pool of his own blood. Nobody came out to his rescue. Nobody came out to help him. Will this be the end of Savio Vega in WWL?

On this past weekend’s “Idols of Wrestling” TV episode, the leader, WWL president Richard Negrí presented the group stating: “The faction that will dominate wrestling was born in ‘Guerra de Reyes’. It all begins with Puerto Rico. These gentlemen that you see here, they all have earned a lot of money to join me in the “Gentlemen’s Club”. We will take Puerto Rico as our base, and we will use what we did to Savio Vega as an example for the whole world to see. This group will dominate wrestling. I want to see who will get in our way from this point forward. We will dominate the wrestling world."

"La Amenaza" Bryan added: "We will clean the Puerto Rico wrestling scene from the clowns, the puppets and all the good-for-nothing’s. We can guarantee it. Get that in your head.”

On his behalf, "El Latino Dorado" Joe Bravo stated: "Somebody had to throw the first stone; somebody had to take that first step, and that has been Mr. Richard Negrín. He has just combined the best possible performers in an organization with tons of class, talent, skills and abilities. We are the “Gentlemen’s Club”. You can rest assured that you will be talking about us a lot… “Por las buenas, o por las malas… (One way, or another…)”

"El Dueño del Mundo" Tua was short, but very precise when he said: “When anyone talks about wrestling, they will have to talk about the Gentlemen’s Club. Because if they are good, we are just better!”

Escobar finished off by stating: “There’s a line that separates dementia from being a genius. I am the one that stands right in the middle of that line. Whichever side I land on, wherever I look, wherever I go, nobody will forget the name of Essssssssscobaaaaaarrrrrr!

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