Monday, 24 October 2016

CWF Mid-Atlantic Flashback: MASK-acre - The entire event (10/31/09)

Event #238 at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium

One of the most infamous nights in CWF history, as we present the 4th ever MASK-acre event.

Chase Dakota(as Sting) vs Shane Phoenix(as X-Pac)
Otto Schwanz vs Matt Smith vs Devin Dalton
Trevor Lee(as Ultra Dragon) vs Chiva Kid(as Kamakazi Kid)
Arik Royal(as Junkyard Dog) vs The Gemini Kid
Nick Richards(as Tommy Dreamer), Corey Edsel(as Taz), Kamakazi Kid(as Sabu) and Brass Munkey(as Sandman) vs Hugh B. "Bad News" Johnson & Los Mercenarios Canadianese
Lee Valiant vs Ty Dillinger in a no-dq match

Like what you see? CWF Mid-Atlantic runs between 30-40 live events each year; many of which emanate from the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium in the heart of the legendary NWA territory along Tabacco Road (1001 Springwood Ave; Gibsonville, NC). Aside from hosting live events, CWF also fully trains all prospective wrestlers and have had no less than two dozen compete for the WWE. For more information on training or to book the stars of CWF in your town, please visit us at,, or follow us on twitter @CWFMidAtlantic!

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