Tuesday, 3 December 1991

Tuesday in Texas - The Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan - WWE Championship Match - December 3, 1991

Hulk Hogan looks to reclaim his WWE Championship from the undefeated Undertaker.

The following was the last match of the event, contested for the WWF Championship between the champion, The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) and the challenger, Hulk Hogan. Jack Tunney was present at ringside to ensure there would be no outside interference. Undertaker was introduced first, followed by Hogan who slid into the ring underneath the ropes and was met by Undertaker and Bearer who both began kicking him. After a few kicks, Hogan got to his feet, grabbed them and knocked their heads into one another. Bearer rolled out of the ring, leaving 'Taker and Hogan in the ring to begin the match. Hogan began with a series of attacks but had little to no effect on the Undertaker.

After being clotheslined over the top rope, Undertaker grabbed Hogan's ankles, dragged him out of the ring and delivered a thrust to the throat. Undertaker took control of the match until Hogan began a comeback, which prompted Ric Flair to arrive at ringside. He was confronted by Jack Tunney who tried to stop him from getting involved. Hogan took it upon himself to stop Flair by giving him a chair shot to the back, which knocked him into Tunney, sending both of them to the ground, with Flair landing on top of Tunney. With Tunney temporarily knocked-out, Flair climbed onto the apron and held up a steel chair for 'Taker to ram Hogan into. However, Hogan was able to stop his momentum and instead flung Undertaker into the chair. The Undertaker recovered and grabbed Hogan from behind to let Bearer hit him with the urn, but Hogan ducked and Bearer struck Undertaker. Hogan took the urn, opened it, and grabbed a handful of ashes which he threw into Undertaker's eyes. Meanwhile, Flair had begun to revive Tunney enough for him to see what was occurring. Hogan then pinned Undertaker with a roll up to win the WWF Championship.

Tuesday in Texas - "Macho Man" Randy Savage vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Dec. 3, 1991 - Randy Savage returns to the ring for the first time since losing a Retirement Match at WrestleMania VII to battle the man who ruined his wedding, Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Wednesday, 27 November 1991

Monday, 1 July 1991

Saturday, 13 April 1991

Funeral Parlour with Ultimate Warrior (WWF, April 1991)

Funeral Parlour segment (hosted by Paul Bearer), with Ultimate Warrior as his guest (Superstars of Wrestling, April 13th 1991)

Saturday, 30 March 1991

Sunday, 24 March 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. "Macho King" Randy Savage: WrestleMania VII - Retirement Match

The Ultimate Warrior and "Macho King" Randy Savage put their careers on the line in an emotional confrontation at WrestleMania VII