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Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns - The Shield have a triple threat match in FCW

You don't have to wait until Wrestlemania for a Triple Threat Sheild match, they already did it in FCW a couple of years back

WWL Announces México Dates During Press Conference

(México, Distrito Federal, Thursday - January 30th, 2014) – World Wrestling League returns to Mexico with an intense tour in which they will visit the cities of Xalapa, Veracruz; Teziutlán, Puebla and Mexico D.F.  “El Domo del Plan Sexanal” has already been designated as site for the center of the Republic on Sunday March 9th and in order to reveal the card for that evening’s event WWL’s president, Richard Negrin, called for a press conference at the “Taqueria de Chabelo”, where he would also discuss two more dates set for the tour: Friday March 7th at the “Arena Xalapa” in Veracruz and Saturday March 8th at the “Plaza de Toros El Pinal” in Teziutlán-Puebla.  These three cities will experience what the WWL Empire is all about.

The announced card is highlighted by a match where Blue Demon Jr. will battle Monster Pain in his quest to capture the coveted WWL World Title.  During the press conference, the heir of “El Manotas", seemed confident and determined to take possession of the WWL title from Monster Pain, stating that he feels ready to because of the challenges he has faced in the past where he wrestled “Big Daddy V” and emerged victorious.  He stated that “with Pain it should not be different and I will become WWL’s World champion”.  He completely ignored the statement sent via video by Misstres Glenda Lee that was presented at the Press Conference, where she referred to “El Demonio Azul” as, 'Chaparrito'.

The following is the full card that will be presented on Sunday March 9th, with a bell time of 5:00PM at “El Domo del Plan Sexanal” in Mexico DF:

Sabu vs Mosco X-Fly

“Los Mamitos” (c) vs Psicodélico Jr. & El Hijo de Dos Caras for the WWL World Tag Team Titles

Skyde, Vengador Radioactivo & a partner to be announced vs Astro Rey, Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Hijo del Medico Asesino

Ladies in Action: Paloma Rouse vs an opponent to be annouunced soon

Blue Demon vs Monster Pain (c) for the WWL World Title

Video: Mistress Glenda Lee, manager to WWL’s world champion Monster Pain, sends a clear message to Blue Demon Jr., regarding their scheduled title match in March: Link

Carlito & Chavo Guerrero vs Juventud Guerrera & Ricky Marvin

WWL president Richard Negrin stated during the press conference that he is very pleased with this card, and he plans to continue to bring innovative events to Mexico with wrestling from around the world; and he is certain that the Mexican fans will be very open and attentive to everything WWL does in "Tierra Azteca".  In return he received the aggressions of the Corp. Clown.  What started out as verbal attacks, soon turned into the shocking ending to this press conference, right in the middle of threats and shoving on the part of all participants of this WWL Empire invasion, leaving everything red hot for WWL’s 3 dates in Mexico.

Video: Q&A session interrupted by Clown Corp:

For more information visit us on Facebook: WWL Mundial

Twiter: @WWLMundial


WWL’s presentation video:

The New Investor (MVP) Arrives In TNA Wrestling (January 30, 2014)

The New Investor Arrives In TNA Wrestling (January 30, 2014)

Zeus On Wrestling With Rosenberg!

We may not like everything Tiny "Zeus" Lister told me a few months back, but there surely are some fascinating tidbits in here. Took me a while to get the footage but here it is!

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Arsenio Call Out Barry Manilow

Arsenio and Barry Manilow have a long running beef, so Stone Cold Steve Austin is helping Arsenio cut a promo.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Gives Justin Bieber An Intervention

Stone Cold Steve Austin has some words to set Justin Bieber straight.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Goes Off On A Prius Driver

Stone Cold Steve Austin Speaks Out On CM Punk Quitting

CM Punk just walked away from WWE, and Stone Cold Steve Austin has some things to say about that.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

WWE's Main Event After Show For The Week of January 29th, 2014 | AfterBuzz TV

AFTERBUZZ TV -- WWE's Main Event edition, is a weekly "after show" for fans of WWE's Main Event. In this episode host Tom Connolly, Markeia McCarty, and Gabrielle Loren break down the episode in which the Royal Rumble PPV results are discussed. It's WWE's Main Event's "WWE Main Event for the week of January 29th, 2014″ podcast!

Triple H weighs in on the hunt for the WWE World Heavyweight Title and announces a Steel Cage Match

The WWE COO announces there will be two Elimination Chamber Qualifying Matches on SmackDown and a Steel Cage Match for the WWE Tag Titles on Raw.

Batista's Jiu-Jitsu purple belt ceremony

Under the tutelage of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Cesar Gracie, Batista gets promoted to purple belt

Was Goldust behind GTV? He finally answers the question! WWE Inbox Episode 105

The bizarre one stars in an unforgettable episode of WWE Inbox. He discusses his favorite match, 20 years as Goldust and GTV.

The Best Of CM Punk In TNA Wrestling

American Wrestling Roadshow - Prince Devitt vs. Dunkan Disorderly III

Prince Devitt defeated Dunkan Disorderly in a controversial match at a recent American Wrestling Roadshow event presented by WRESTLING.IE - As a result Devitt became the WRESTLING.IE Champion.

Dunkan Disorderly has since challenged Devitt to a re-match which will take place on March 1st at the Riverside Theatre in Coleraine, when the two go to war once more in the four match of the highly intriguing Devitt vs. Disorderly saga.

CM Punk Speaks just 2 days before quitting WWE (Video From 1.24.14)

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Shield - Full interview on Rover's Morning Glory Radio Show

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins from WWE tag team The Shield discuss wrestling, fighting, and who gets the most tail on the road.

CM Punk Talks WWE, MMA, Brock Lesnar, Royal Rumble and More

For the third straight year, we caught up with WWE Superstar CM Punk in his Chicago home to discuss his future in WWE, whether he thinks he will re-sign with the organization, his interest in taking an MMA fight, Brock Lesnar's MMA future, HHH doing jiu-jitsu, the new WWE network, Ronda Rousey, UFC on FOX 10, Royal Rumble, and more.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Video: Mick Foley smashes his TV set in protest of Daniel Bryan not being entered into the Royal Rumble!

In protest of Daniel Bryan not being entered in the Royal Rimble, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley smashes his television set.

TCW - Traditional Championship Wrestling Show 14-04 (Classics)

The first round of the TCW International Championship Tournament continues with Genetic Perfection's Mr. Saturday Night Michael Barry facing the 7'2" Titan.

Brett Barnes goes after the TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship as he takes on the Bradford Family's Kincaid.

In another International Championship Tournament first round match, John Saxon squares off against Genetic Perfection's All That Alan Steele with Rich Rude in his corner.

And there are two empty spots in the Tournament bracket. Will we find out who Matt Riviera has chosen to fill those spots?

Brandon Baxter and Brian Thompson host, along with broadcast partner Ken Resnick.

WWE's Monday Night Raw After Show - January 13th, 2014 | AfterBuzz TV

Blue Panther, Shocker, Valiente vs Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Reaper

CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-01-25
taped 2014-01-19 @ Arena Coliseo
2) Blue Panther, Shocker, Valiente vs Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Reaper

Atlantis vs Mr. Niebla

CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-01-25
taped 2014-01-19 @ Arena Coliseo

Gail Kim Interview On Wrestling With Rosenberg

Natalya poses for Flex magazine: January 28, 2014

Go behind the scenes of Natalya's photo shoot for the February issue of Flex, available now!

Battle for Cleveland - Backstage Fallout - January 27, 2014

The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and the stars of Total Divas discuss their night on Raw.

2014 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee: Jake "The Snake" Roberts: Raw, Jan. 27, 2014

Jake "The Snake" Roberts will join Ultimate Warrior in the 2014 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Dana White Calls Out Vince McMahon & WWE

Arsenio asks Dana White about the rivalry between UFC and WWE, and Dana doesn't hold back.

PWX: Cedric Alexander vs AJ Styles

Premiere Wrestling Xperience and Wrestlecade Entertainment present the PWX Dream Match Series: Cedric Alexander vs AJ Styles from Winston Salem, NC on January 19, 2014.

Seth Rollins Takes a Spill - Seth Rollins Fall on RAW

Another member of The Shield messes up their entrance!
First it was Roman Reigns at a live show messing up a jump over the ropes, but now even more embarrassing is Seth Rollins taking a tumble during a live episode of WWE Raw

Watch below

Monday, 27 January 2014

Royal Rumble 2014 Review and Results : Breakfast Club Rules!

Breakfast Club runs the show in WWE, now hopefully you all have learned this once and for all.

WWE's 2014 Royal Rumble PPV After Show | AfterBuzz TV

AFTERBUZZ TV -- In this special episode, hosts Christian Rosenberg, Tom Connolly, Rome Moore, and Josh Harris break down the 2014 Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View where John Cena takes on Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan fight, Brock Lesnar looks to get revenge against Big Show, and 30 mean fight for a spot in WrestleMania. It's WWE's "Royal Rumble - January 26th, 2014" Podcast!

Pro Wrestling 101 - Calling a Match

In this episode of Pro Wrestling 101, Justin Credible returns and discusses the pros and cons of calling a match in the ring!!!

Beyond Wrestling & NWA Smoky Mountain "Sleeper Cell" Taping - 1/4/14 - Kingsport, TN

Will Huckaby & Shawn Adams vs. ATL & Joe Black
Alex Pain vs. Axton Ray
Jeff Connelly vs. Matt Conrad
Shane Andrews vs. Shawn Shultz
Daniel Mulligan vs. Elliot Russell
Sigmon vs. Jimmy Nutts
Mark Candy vs. Trevor Lee
Raphael King vs. Derek Neal
Team IOU vs. Air America
Devyn Nicole vs. Jessie Belle
Sugar Dunkerton vs. Nick Hammonds
Matt Conrad vs. Graham Bell
Air America vs. Jordan Kage & Lance Erickson
Jason Kincaid vs. Jeff Connelly
Chase Owens vs. Michael Starr

WWE Superstars Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were interviewed by Glenn Moore of

Mick Foley’s Son Blasts WWE & Royal Rumble PPV

Credit: who copied this before it was removed.

“Sorry people who know much about wrestling, but this company right now is in some serious s–t. This is really bad for their company because one or two individuals truly believe that their opinions reign much higher over the millions and millions of people who watch their show religiously on a weekly basis. It’s such a horrible feeling obviously because it hits close to home. You have these guys who work their asses off 320+ days a year, who barely see their loved ones, and they get completely disrespected and disregarded because Triple f–king H thinks they’re ‘too small’ or not star material.

“My dad made your ass, and people told my dad all his life that he would amount to nothing. So Triple H should know from experience that the people that work their asses off and that are told that they are worthless, are the ones that make the company the best it can be. Without my dad, Triple H is just a mid-carder. My dad went out of his way to make sure that he turned Triple H into the intimidating, scary, cerebral assassin, son of a b—h that he has become. So it’s about time that people who deserve to be the best are given the opportunity to show it. WWE is a f–king dictatorship and it is just truly a shame.”

Batista flips the bird at fan at Royal Rumble!

It seems that Batista has forgotten it is PG these days, but then when you are supposed to be the big returning babyface and you get booed out of the building who can blame him for getting a little pissed off!


Mock up of showing how they are treating the WWE Universe

Credit @Steviebreech 

Answering the Ten Count - Royal Rumble Recap Special

Daniel Bryan Tweets About The Royal Rumble

Mick Foley Comments on Royal Rumble 2014

Mick Foley posted this on his facebook page


Yes, I'm going to put a brick through my TV. It's just going to have to wait until tomorrow. I had every intention of putting a brick through my TV tonight, after seeing that Daniel Bryan was not even entered in the Royal Rumble match, let alone going to win the thing. But, upon seeing their dad with a brick in his hand, my younger children got a little bit scared, thinking their dad had lost his mind. A rather spirited debate about the wisdom of following through on the promise to put a brick through my TV ensued with my wife - and, as is usually the case in marital debates, I, being the husband, did not emerge victorious. Honestly, the points she made about mercury and glass fragments everywhere were pretty good ones.

But I'm still going to put a brick through my TV. It's just going to have to wait until tomorrow - when the kids are in school, and I can take the TV outside the house for the actual throwing of the brick. Granted, it's not nearly as dramatic as doing it live, right after the Rumble, but at least I will be keeping my word.

As I mentioned on Twitter, I've never felt so disgusted at the conclusion of a WWE (or any) PPV. Like many of you out there, I just don't get it. This Daniel Bryan thing is a phenomenon. You get it. I get it. The fans in Pittsburgh (yes, I was thinking of writing "RIGHT TH...but I'm just not in a cheap pop mood) got it. But tonight, for the first time, I had to admit to myself that the powers that be are just not going to get it. And that makes me sad. I'm just honestly sad, just flat out fucking sad (yes, I dropped an F-bomb there to emphasize how F'ing sad I am for the guys who bust their butts night in and night out - Ziggler, Punk, Bryan, etc - with no hope of getting their shot at this year's Mania.

You know who else I'm sad for? Me. In my two years as an official WWE Ambassador, I never once had to lie about my enthusiasm for the company or the product. Now, although I am no longer officially an Ambassador for WWE (believe it or not, my only official role in WWE is as GM for Saturday Morning Slam, a contract that ends in one month) I was till looking forward to being part of the biggest event of the year. I'll probably end up going anyway. But I'm about 1/6th as excited about it as I was just a few hours ago. I wanted so badly to hear 75,000 WWE fans chanting "YES" - and seeing fans walk away absolutely ecstatic about the outcome of a PPV for the first time in a while...a long while. But when given the chance to make it happen (unless they've got something MAJOR up their sleeve) WWE's answer tonight was a resounding "NO, NO, NO".

Royal Rumble 2014 Kickoff - Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The New Age Outlaws

Oh, you didn't know? The Rhodes Brothers get a jolt of Attitude when Cody Rhodes & Goldust defend their WWE Tag Team Championships against The New Age Outlaws on Royal Rumble Kickoff.

Royal Rumble 2014 Kickoff - Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The New Age Outlaws

Oh, you didn't know? The Rhodes Brothers get a jolt of Attitude when Cody Rhodes & Goldust defend their WWE Tag Team Championships against The New Age Outlaws on Royal Rumble Kickoff.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE'S path to Inner Peace - DDP Yoga

De-stress yourself before you wreck yourself! Former WWE 3-time World Champion Wrestler DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE introduces INNER DDPEACE, his new meditation system designed to lead you down the path of ultimate enlightenment. "There is no try, there is only to do!"


Follow OTRSCentral on Twitter: @offtheropesshow

Hayden Wins NWA World Women’s Crown in Houston

Houston - For the third time in the span of a month, an NWA World championship changed hands as Barbi Hayden defeated Kacee Carlisle at NWA Houston #35 in Houston on Saturday to become the new NWA World Women’s Champion.

This was the third meeting between Hayden, also the reigning NWA Lone Star Women’s Champion, and Carlisle for the title. In their first meeting in May 2013 in Houston, Hayden defeated Carlisle by disqualification, while later in San Antonio, Carlisle pinned the challenger.

Carlisle had held the title since defeating Tasha Simone in Lebanon, Tennessee on October 20, 2012. Her reign of 463 days was the eighth longest combined NWA World Women’s Championship reign, just three shy of passing Leilani Kai.

WWE's SmackDown After Show for January 24th, 2014 | AfterBuzz TV

AFTERBUZZ TV -- WWE's SmackDown edition, is a weekly "after show" for fans of WWE's SmackDown. In this episode host Kaori Takee breaks down the episode that's days away from the beginning of the road to WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble. There to help Kaori is co-host Rome Moore. It's the week of January 24th, 2014 podcast!

Jim Cornette on Ultimate Warrior 2014 WWE Hall Of Fame induction

In this exclusive preview video, we take a look at WrestleTalk.TV's most controversial podcast yet: The Trial Of Jim Cornette. In a podcast like never before renowned British wrestling journalist and commentator Dave Bradshaw questions Jim Cornette about some of his most controversial and badly received opinions, comments and actions and asks Jim to defend himself to the listening jury of his fans and peers.

Kevin Nash exposes the secrets of wrestling psychology - Tag Teams

In this special edition of Wrestle Talk TV Extra we get up close with a training seminar given by Kevin Nash. In this clip, as part of a Q&A session with some students, Kevin talks about the importance of tag team wrestling and the basics of psychology. This is before his return to WWE in 2011

PWR PrimeTime Wrestling Talk - January 25, 2014

All the weeks wrestling news and a preview of the Royal Rumble!

Todd Keneley formerly of TNA Talks WWE Royal Rumble 2014 at Wrestling Epicenter sat down with Todd Keneley for the second time to discuss his departure from TNA and even talk a little Royal Rumble. Plus, a full Royal Rumble recap. Enjoy!

Did wrestling kill Chris Benoit? Jim Cornette's opinion!

30 Second Fury! - Widow's Peak

Victoria was one of WWE's most unique Divas. 30 Second Fury takes a look back at her devastating manuever, the Widow's Peak! Victoria ain't the Diva to mess with!

Instant Replay? - WWE Top 10

Major League Baseball has instituted new instant replay rules. WWE Top 10 looks back at moments that had their been instant replay, the outcome might have been different!

100 Greatest Royal Rumble Eliminations

Which Royal Rumble eliminations make this list of the 100 wildest over-the-top moments?

Cody Investigates at WWE HQ Pt 2 - The JBL & Cole Show - Ep. #61

After hours of extensive interrogations, research, and hard labor at the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT - has Cody Rhodes finally cracked the case of BIG CLEM LAYFIELD?

Chuck Carroll Interviews Curtis Axel

"WWE Superstar Curtis Axel knows a thing or two about the NFL as back-to-back winner of the WWE Fantasy Football League.

So, it’s actually not that much of a stretch to say his Super Bowl pick need not be taken with a grain of salt."

Download Here

Talking With Soup - Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins and I talk about the first wrestling gimmick he created, how he bridged music and wrestling, airline woes, erotic fan fiction and more!

Talking With Soup is a web series in which Dan Campbell, vocalist for The Wonder Years, interviews his more famous friends.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Kurt Angle Moonsault off the Steel Cage

Kurt Angle's moonsault on Bobby Roode in their Steel Cage Match at TNA's Genesis - watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday at 9/8c on SpikeTV!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Batista reveals why he returned to WWE

The Animal talks about overcoming a broken back, his immersion in Jiu-Jitsu training, and his desire to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The Most Controversial Inbox Ever? - WWE Inbox 104

Zeb Colter brings his unique and controversial opinions to this week's episode of WWE Inbox. Zeb discusses everything from WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, to who has the best facial hair in WWE, who else in WWE can be a "Real American". All of this plus much, much more on this week's episode of WWE Inbox!

A look back at the birth of Hulkamania

30 years ago Hulkamania was born. Take a special look at the immortal history of Hulk Hogan!

CM Punk bowls with Talking Dead's Chris Hardwick & Team Nerdist - Outside the Ring - Ep. #44

CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Fandango & AJ Lee battle it out in a bowling alley against Chris Hardwick and Team Nerdist for "Chris Hardwick's All Star Celebrity Bowling." Can the WWE Superstars out-bowl Chris Hardwick and his gaggle of nerds?

WWE Superstars share their Royal Rumble memories

With Royal Rumble imminent, WWE Director of Operations Kane, WWE Tag Team Champion Cody Rhodes and Titus O'Neil all share their favorite moments from the pay-per-view free-for-all. Watch those and other memorable Royal Rumble moments on WWE Network starting Feb. 24, 2014.

The Miz & Dolph Ziggler on concussions, the unified championship, funny superstar impressions, more

The Miz and Dolph Ziggler talk with Chris Van Vliet from WOIO-TV in Cleveland before WWE Night at the Cavaliers game. They talk about which superstar they would want to see return at WrestleMania, how Dolph Ziggler is recovering after his concussion, whether or not unifying the WWE Championship was a good idea and the strangest autograph requests they have heard.

WWE's Main Event | January 22nd, 2014 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV -- WWE's Main Event edition, is a weekly "after show" for fans of WWE's Main Event. In this episode host Tom Connolly, Scott Narver, Markeia McCarty, and Gabrielle Loren break down the episode in which Damien Sandow kicked off WWE Main Event by declaring his intent to win the Royal Rumble Match and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

However, before the 30-man over-the-top-rope extravaganza, the self-proclaimed Intellectual Savior of the Masses had to face R-Truth. Xavier Woods joined Tom Phillips and The Miz on commentary to observe his mentor -- R-Truth -- and discuss his own ambitions for his first-ever Royal Rumble Match. Former WWE Champion The Miz tried to explain to Woods that seeing and participating in the Royal Rumble Match are completely different experiences. It's WWE's Main Event's "WWE Main Event for the week of January 22nd, 2014″ podcast!

Triple H discusses Randy Orton's behavior, Batista's return and more

WWE COO Triple H addresses whether Randy Orton "made things right" on Raw, CM Punk as the first entrant into the Royal Rumble Match and the possibility of Batista being "The Face of WWE."

Shaffee Talks with WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan on 97.9 WGRD

Shaffee sat down with WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan to talk wrestling, his trademarks, and the business.

WWE's Monday Night Raw for January 20th, 2014 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

AFTERBUZZ TV -- WWE's Monday Night Raw edition, is a weekly "after show" for fans of USA's WWE's Monday Night Raw. In this episode hosts Johnny Loquasto, Cathy Kelley, Dale Rutledge, break down the episode in which Randy Orton has riled up his enemy, he's alienated his handlers, and before the first ten minutes of Raw had gone by, he'd found himself inside the pit of danger when an old friend came back to say hello.

Indeed, the Champion of Champions' first moments on the final Raw before the Royal Rumble were hardly his finest: not only did his petulant attitude rub The Authority the wrong way but WWE COO Triple H all but vowed to throw Orton to the wolves once John Cena -- likely spoiling for a fight after Orton attacked his father last week -- arrived, but Batista's return added another bullseye to The Viper's back. Also joining the conversation are special guests Chavo Guerrero and Thea Trinidad. It's AfterBuzz TV's Monday Night Raw AfterShow for January 20th, 2014!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

OMG Wrestling Podcast - Ep. 6 - AJ Styles Inside Interview

Today's episode we get to interview The Phenomenal One AJ Styles. We talk about everything from WCW, NWA Wildside, ROH, TNA, & WWE. Thank you AJ.

IMPACT Podcast (1/21/14) with ROCKSTAR SPUD

Team TREMENDOUS vs. Milk Chocolate - Beyond Wrestling at CZW "Answering The Challenge"

Watch the CZW "Answering The Challenge" replay at

Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks WWE Network

At CES 2014, WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin helped unveil the WWE Network, which will launch prior to WrestleMania XXX. Austin talks about the new network and looks back at his career in this interview from Las Vegas.

Batista is Back - Backstage Fallout - January 20, 2014

Batista and Alberto Del Rio talk about their encounter on Raw.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Larry Nickel Interviews WWE Superstar Ryback for CBS Sports 920

CBS Sports 920AM Wrestling Insider Larry Nickel Interviews WWE Superstar Ryback at Slacker's in South County on 1/17/14.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Summer Rae Entrance Video

Cody investigates at the WWE Headquarters - The JBL & Cole Show - Ep. #60

In this edition of The JBL & Cole Show, Cody Rhodes travels all the way to the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT. Cody searches for Clem Layfield and starts his investigation on how and why his World Heavyweight Bowling Championship Golden Boot is being held in "abeyance."

NWA Smoky Mountain TV - January 18, 2014

NWA Smoky Mountain TV for. Sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance.

Presented by

Kane Hangs Up On KiddChris radio show

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Kota Ibushi v. YOSHIHIKO: Highlights

You have never seen this before!

Kenny Omega vs 9 Year Old Haruka

John Cena Interviewed on HLN's "Showbiz Tonight"

Competition Win Best Of In Your House, Best Of WWE At Madison Square Garden & Triple H - Thy Kingdom Come on DVD

We have a great competition for you and 3 of the best WWE Home Entertainment releases of last year to give away to one luck winner. (UK Only)


WWE: Triple H - Thy Kingdom Come On DVD & Blu-Ray from Monday 14th Oct. 2013
Triple H continues to build upon his enduring legacy. From 13-time World Champion to COO, Triple H has played multiple roles spanning decades. Packed with over 2 hours of documentary footage, all-new interviews and matches, this compilation profiles Triple H's entire career as well as his current executive role with the WWE.

The Best Of WWE At Madison Square Garden On DVD & Blu-Ray from Monday 9th Sept. 2013
For nearly 50 years, Madison Square Garden has been the home of WWE. From sell out crowds cheering on Bruno Sammartino's incredible championship run to the birth of Hulkamania, the inaugural WrestleMania, a stunner heard round the world and several legendary moments in between, WWE presents the moments that have helped legitimize the moniker World's Most Famous Arena. This collection showcases over 20 of the greatest matches and moments at MSG spanning all generations of WWE. Along with interviews from several WWE legends and Superstars, fans will relive several of the key moments in history that shaped the WWE of today.

The Best Of In Your House On DVD & Blu-Ray from Monday 27th May 2013
In Your House was a monthly PPV concept by the WWE that began in the mid-1990's providing fans with higher quality product for a cheaper then usual price compared to the likes of Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. During its existence it provided many excellent wrestling matches, unique moments that stand the test of time and above all else, quality entertainment. This collection documents the best that In Your House events had to offer.

Win This

For your chance to win just answer the following question... 

Competition Closed

Winners will be chosen randomly and will be informed via email.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hogan speaks to TMZ

WWE announced this evening that WWE Hall of Famer Johnnie Mae Young has passed away at the age of 90 years old.

Statement from Vince McMahon:

"There will never be another Mae Young. Her longevity in sports entertainment may never be matched, and I will forever be grateful for all of her contributions to the industry. On behalf of WWE, I extend our sincerest condolences to her family and friends. "

And WWE released this tribute video.

Some tributes from Wrestlers:
Jim Ross: "The legendary Johnnie Mae Young has passed. The Oklahoman lead an amazing life. Her mental/physical toughness is an inspiration to all. RIP"

Stephanie McMahon: "#RIPTheOneandOnlyGreatMaeYoung A true pioneer and legend has passed tonight. Long live the memory of my friend and @WWE Hall of Famer."

Gerald Brisco: "RIP Mae Young a true pioneer and a great Okie, and friend"

Natalya: "I'll always remember Mae Young. We shared wonderful memories of my grandfather. She made me want to fight. There was no one like her."

MVP: "Every time I saw Mae Young, EVERY TIME, she would greet me with a BIG smile & hug & then say "Now what was your name again?" & laugh! RIP"

Jim Mitchell: "Just got the news about the passing of women's wrestling legend, The Great Mae Young. I will never forget taking the late Chris Kanyon to Fabulous Moolah's training compound on a weekly basis in his early days and watching Mae Young repeatedly beat, kick, and stomp him into submission, while ripping the hair out of his head and smoking a big stogie without even dropping an ash. She was in her seventies then. Mae was one tough broad and a real character. The last of a breed. Rest In Peace."

Mickie James: "A fighter until the very end! Forever in our hearts,memories, & fighting spirit! A true HOF legend! ‪#‎RIPMaeYoung‬"

Triple H: "‪#‎RIPTheOneandOnlyGreatMaeYoung‬ Thank you for your example to my girls on how to get all you want out of life! ‪#‎pioneer‬ ‪#‎legend‬ ‪#‎whatarun‬"

The Rock: "She's a wrestling pioneer. I truly had deep affection & respect for "Aunty Mae" Young. RIP. ‪#‎IMissUMae‬"

Titus O'Neil: "Very sad 2Hear of the passing of @WWE Hall of Fame Diva Mae Young. One of the Greatest Women I've ever met. Funny,Sassy&Witty #RIPMaeYoung"

Summer Rae: "A trailblazer & role model...paving the way for women in this division. You will always be remembered! #RIPMaeYoung"

Mark Henry: "Johnnie Mae as I knew her was part of my wrestling family. She will be missed as much a anyone I've ever known!"

Lilian Garcia: "I am heartbroken by the news of Mae Young's passing. She was always such a joy. My thoughts are with her family and friends. #ThankYouMae"

Zack Ryder: "RIP Mae Young. You will be missed."

Ricardo Rodriguez: "#ThankYouMae you made mine and Tai's Miami Hall of Fame evening a fun one! Thank you for the laughs and the company."

Maestro: "RIP Mae Young. Legend and Inspiration. Love and respect always."

Byron Saxton: "Met Mae Young several years ago and it will always be a moment I cherish. Rest in Peace Mae...Thank You for all you've done."

Smith Hart: "The confirmed conclusion to the illustrious life of long reigning wrestling queen, the one and only Johnnie Mae Young delivers her well-entitled spirit from decreed earthly evil unto everlasting peace. Tenacious longevity aside Mae Young the pioneer breakout rookie, the heartthrob, the knockout diva, the (sports entertainer), the globe-trotting grappler, performer, the athlete, the star, celebrity, champion, thespian, villain and heroine leave her world-wide cult following little to mourn. I, however am disheartened not solely for my own somewhat selfish reasons but because Mae fully intended to share the celebration of her 100th birthday with the wrestling universe by performing before a typical huge Wrestlemania crowd. Now I shan’t see you in Amsterdam, CAC or at Wrestlemania 30, but an astounding 9 decade career-span that among other momentous honors and awards—was further bolstered by numerous satires where as a jaded insatiably depraved cougar—or was it sabre-tooth?--! Rather late in Mae’s career her character was reinvented by mostly Hollywood twinks hired as matchmakers, but unlike other players who fell by the wayside, Mae remained vital and went on to be inducted into 2 separate pro wrestling Halls of Fame. Now she has been reunited with The Fabulous Moolah and no doubt are conquering wrestling heaven already, with a halo replacing her trademark crown. From my perspective your perfected greatness shall be long remembered. God bless your “wicked” soul Mae Young."

D'Angelo Dinero: "Just heard the sad news about Mae Young. My first meeting w/her & Fabulous Moolah was a True Experience. Now Theyre together again.~PHS #RIP"

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

TCW - Traditional Championship Wrestling Show 14-2

This is the week that settles it all. We've talked about the Last Stand Match for weeks and the teams are finally settled. The Empire against Parker's Posse. More about that in a moment.

Two Championship matches will take place before the Last Stand Match. In our opening match, Americos defends the TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship against Kincaid with Boyd Bradford in his corner.

The TCW Tag Team Titles are also on the line in a unique match which is the culmination of a feud which lasted the entire year of 2013 and carried into 2014. The Hounds of Hell put the belts up to face Genetic Perfection one more time. However, to win this match, you must put the opposing manager through a table to win the match. So either Rich Rude or Boyd Bradford will be put through any of the various tables set around ringside.

In the final match, Parker's Posse is complete with the substitution of Americos for the injured John Saxon. In Addition, King Shane Williams, Scott Phoenix and the Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer will lead the charge for Colonel Parker as they try to maintain control of TCW against The Empire's Tim Storm, Steve Anthony, Golden Boy Greg Anthony and the evil leader of The Empire, Mister 5.5 Matt Riviera.

And for those who have a vendetta against TCW and dislike this work just to occupy your idle time, go somewhere else. Your ISP's show that you have far too much time on your hands, and the true fans of TCW don't have to like it to counteract your votes. I love Analytics.

Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson host with interviewer Jason Jones.

Daniel Bryan makes an important decision: Raw, Jan. 13, 2014

Daniel Bryan breaks free from The Wyatt Family and ends Raw on a high note.

The Ultimate Warrior is heading to the WWE Hall of Fame

Ultimate Warrior has been officially named as the first inductee in the 2014 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Sin Cara Entrance Video

Check out Sin Cara's entrance video. is your home for all your favorite WWE Superstar and Diva entrance videos.

Brodus Clay Entrance Video

Check out Brodus Clay's entrance video. is your home for all your favorite WWE Superstar and Diva entrance videos.

Damien Sandow Entrance Video

Check out Damien Sandow's entrance video. is your home for all your favorite WWE Superstar and Diva entrance videos.

Bad News Barrett Entrance Video

Check out Bad News Barrett's entrance video. is your home for all your favorite WWE Superstar and Diva entrance videos.

Big E Langston Entrance Video

Check out Big E Langston's entrance video. is your home for all your favorite WWE Superstar and Diva entrance videos.

The Funkadactyls Entrance Video

The Royal Rumble Match - It's All About the Numbers

Gearing up for this year's Royal Rumble, take a look at some shocking statistics leading up to last year's event. Don't miss Royal Rumble, Live on Pay Per View 1/26. #RoyalRumble

WWE's Kaitlyn Sends A Final Message To Her Fans

WWE's Kaitlyn Sends A Final Message To Her Fans- Celestin Bonin, AKA Kaitlyn, talks about why she left the WWE, what's next for her, and sends a message to her fans!


STAMFORD, Conn., January 13, 2014 – WWE (NYSE:WWE) announced today that The Ultimate Warrior will return to WWE after an 18 year absence and be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at a ceremony on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at New Orleans Arena, as a part of the WrestleMania® 30 festivities.

“The Ultimate Warrior was the most intense, colorful, competitive and outspoken Superstar in sports entertainment history, and his contributions to WWE were extraordinary,” said WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. “We are thrilled to induct The Ultimate Warrior into the WWE Hall of Fame.”

The Ultimate Warrior was one of the most iconic and exciting Superstars in WWE history. When the distinctive ring entrance music of Warrior hit, he would burst out of the dressing room and sprint towards the ring, causing a frenzy of excitement amongst WWE fans. Inside the squared circle, Warrior was responsible for many of the most memorable moments in WWE history.

In 1988 at the inaugural SummerSlam®, he defeated the Honkytonk Man™ in record time to win his first of two Intercontinental Championships. In 1990, Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan™ to become WWE Champion at WrestleMania® VI in one of the most exciting matches in WrestleMania history. Warrior would continue to captivate audiences around the world with epic encounters against WWE Legends such as Undertaker® and Randy Savage™. After a storied career that also saw him compete in WCW®, Warrior stepped away from the ring in 1998. Last year, he was featured in the WWE 2K14 video game as a downloadable character, giving the next generation of WWE fans a chance to “feel the power of the Ultimate Warrior.”

Additional WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014 inductees will be announced over the coming weeks.

Tickets for the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at New Orleans Arena go on sale this Saturday, January 18 at 11 AM ET/10 AM CT through or by calling 1-800-745-3000. All tickets are subject to service charges and facility fees.

WrestleMania 30 takes place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday, April 6 live on WWE Network. For more information on how to get WWE Network click here. WrestleMania 30 will also be available on pay-per-view. Check with your cable, satellite or telco provider for availability.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

AJ Styles Interview

Motor City Machine Guns Interview - Pro Wrestling Report

Dameon Nelson talks to Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly in the TNA Impact Zone! See more at!

WWE Diva Sunny Interview

Dameon Nelson talks to former WWE Diva Sunny, Tammy Sytch!

Pro Wrestling Report - ROH Champion Sal Rinauro Interview

Dameon Nelson conducts this exclusive interview with Ring Of Honor Wrestling and future WWE or TNA Superstar Sal Rinaura with a special surprise Guest!

Pro Wrestling Report - WCW DIVA Kimona Wanalaya Interview

Meathead and Frank Cossnetino talk to this wrestling bombshell!

Bobby Blaze Shoot Interview on Wrestling Epicenter

Join as we sit down with former Smokey Mountain and WCW star Bobby Blaze to discuss his time in the pro wrestling business including incredible stories about everyone from CCandido, Jim Cornette, Arn Anderson, Terry Taylor, and more. A fantastic interview with an unsung hero of pro wrestling. Enjoy.

PWR PrimeTime Wrestling Talk - January 11, 2014

A look a tthe new WWE Network, Old School RAW and all the weeks wrestling news!

CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling: 2013 Images of the Year

These are the stars of CWF Mid-Atlantic wrestling and it's greatest moments of 2013! We proudly present our Images of the Year!

ICW invades England!

The fastest rising promotion in the UK leaves Scotland for the first time ever! Don't miss this historic landmark event for Insane Championship Wrestling.

Forever Hardcore: The Rise & Fall Of ECW (Full Documentary)

The Rise and Fall Of ECW documentary mixed with clips and segments from Forever Hardcore. Enjoy!

Extreme Championship Wrestling redefined professional wrestling in the '90s with a reckless, brutal, death-defying, and often bloody style that came to be known as "hardcore." It attracted a rabid, cult-like following that is still going strong today.

Now, you will finally get the amazing story of how Tod Gordon's Eastern Championship Wrestling got hardcore and went on to impact the wrestling business.

This 5 hour documentary follows the rise and eventual demise of the company that raised the bar and revolutionized sports-entertainment forever...

30 Second Fury! - DDT

With Jake "The Snake" Roberts making a triumphant appearance on Old School Raw, we decided to feature the maneuver that he made famous; the DDT. Check out some of "The Snake's" DDT and other WWE Superstars and Divas variations of his move.

Royal Rumble Fails - WWE Top 10

Anything can and will happen in the Royal Rumble and that includes some epic fails! Check out the top 10 Royal Rumble fails including Santino Marella, Dolph Ziggler and even the Undertaker!

Mick Foley and Edge at The Comedy Club

WWE Hall of Famer Edge surprises former champ Mick Foley during his appearance at The Comedy Club in Webster, NY.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

The launch announcement of WWE Network - Full Length

In a groundbreaking announcement, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon heralded the launch of WWE Network, the first-ever 24/7 streaming network, which will feature all 12 WWE live pay-per-view events - including WrestleMania - for only $9.99 per month

Friday, 10 January 2014

Live Hangout with Jake The Snake Roberts

JBL & Cole go OLD SCHOOL - The JBL & Cole Show - Ep. #59

The JBL & Cole Show goes OLD SCHOOL with visits from Rowdy Roddy Piper, The Godfather, Mean Gene and more!

Reality of Wrestling's Big Announcement by Owner Booker T

Booker T and Sharmell with a statement on Reality of Wrestling's plans for 2014.

Latest WWE Home Video UK news

WWE Live In The UK: November 2013 comes to DVD on 3rd February and is a DVD only release

- Best PPV Matches 2013 Trailer:

- Hell In A Cell 2013 Trailer:

- Battleground 2013 Preview Clip - Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam:

The release date for Survivor Series 2013 has been brought forward one week. It will now be released on 17th February.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

WWE's Mark Henry Speaks w/ Brian Soscia

What WWE Network show is the McMahon family most excited to see?

Mr. McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon share what WWE Network show they are most excited to see.

WWE Network Demonstration

WWE Network Sneak Peek Videos and Previews

WWE Network - Sneak Peek

WWE Countdown

WrestleMania Rewind

WWE Legends House

The Monday Night War - WWE vs. WCW

WWE Network FAQ

1. What is WWE Network?
WWE Network is a 24/7 streaming service with both scheduled programming and an on-demand library. WWE Network will include all 12 WWE live pay-per-view events including WrestleMania 30, groundbreaking original series, reality shows and documentaries, and the most comprehensive video-on-demand library featuring all WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-views and classic matches uncut and uncensored as well as replays of Raw and SmackDown episodes. Additional programming, including a live daily studio show coming this summer, and video-on-demand content will be added regularly.

2. How much will a subscription to WWE Network cost?
A monthly subscription to WWE Network is $9.99 per month (plus tax where applicable) with a 6-month commitment.

3. How do fans purchase WWE Network?
To subscribe to WWE Network, fans should go to beginning Monday, February 24 at 9:00 a.m. ET.

4. When can fans buy WWE Network?
Monday, February 24 at 9:00 a.m. ET.

5. When will WWE Network be available?
Live programming on WWE Network will begin on Monday, February 24 at 11:06 pm ET with a live post-show immediately following Monday Night Raw. Video-on-demand programming will be available immediately at 9:00 am ET.

6. What devices will WWE Network be available on?
WWE Network will be available on desktops and laptops via WWE Network will also be available through the WWE App on: Amazon's Kindle Fire devices; Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy; iOS devices such as Apple iPad and iPhone; Roku streaming devices; Sony PlayStation®3 and Sony PlayStation®4; and Xbox 360. Availability on additional devices, including Xbox One and select Smart TVs, will follow this summer. For more information, go to

7. If fans already have the WWE App, do they need to update it to get WWE Network?
The WWE App will automatically update on iOS and Android-powered mobile devices to play WWE Network. To watch on connected devices such as Roku streaming devices, Sony PlayStation® 3 and Sony PlayStation® 4 and Xbox 360, fans must download the new WWE App, which will be available on Monday, February 24.

8. What content will WWE Network feature?
WWE Network is a 24/7 streaming service with both scheduled programming and an on-demand library. WWE Network will include all 12 WWE live pay-per-view events including WrestleMania 30, groundbreaking original series, reality shows and documentaries, and the most comprehensive video-on-demand library featuring all WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-views and classic matches uncut and uncensored as well as replays of Raw and SmackDown episodes. Additional programming, including a live daily studio show coming this summer, and video-on-demand content will be added regularly.

9. Will WrestleMania be available as a part of this subscription?
Yes, WrestleMania is included with a subscription.

10. Will encores of Raw, SmackDown and Main Event be on WWE Network?
Yes, encores of these programs will be available on WWE Network.

11. Will Pay-Per-View events still be available outside WWE Network?
Yes, WWE will continue to offer individual pay-per-view events to TV providers. Fans should call their local cable or satellite provider for availability.

12. Will classic WWE content be available on WWE Network?
Yes, a WWE Network subscription will include access to the most comprehensive video-on-demand library featuring all WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-views and classic matches uncut and uncensored as well as replays of Raw and SmackDown episodes. Additional content will be added regularly.

13. Will "WWE Superstars" and NXT air on WWE Network?
Yes, premiere episodes of Superstars and NXT will air on WWE Network.

14. Will Raw, SmackDown and Main Event move to WWE Network?
No, Raw, SmackDown and Main Event will continue to air on their current networks – USA, Syfy and ION television, respectively.

15. Will shows on WWE Network be available in HD?
Yes, all programming on the WWE Network will be available in HD.

16. Will shows on WWE Network be available in Spanish?
Live pay-per-views will be available in Spanish. All other programming will be presented in English.

17. Will shows be closed captioned?

18. Will WWE Network also be available through cable or satellite providers?
No, WWE Network is delivered directly to fans through over-the-top digital distribution on the following devices: desktops and laptops via; through the WWE App on: Amazon's Kindle Fire devices; Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy; iOS devices such as Apple iPad and iPhone; Roku streaming devices; Sony PlayStation®3 and Sony PlayStation®4; and Xbox 360. Availability on additional devices, including Xbox One and select Smart TVs, will follow this summer.

19. Will all of the programming that premieres on WWE Network also be available via on demand?
Yes, all programming that premieres on the network will become immediately available in the video-on-demand library.

20. How quickly will content that premieres on WWE Network be made available on demand?
Content that premieres on WWE Network will be available on demand immediately after it airs.

21. Does WWE Network programming contain advertisements?
Most WWE programming on WWE Network will be commercial-free, however, there will be limited promotional content in select programs.

22. Is the entire WWE library available through on demand?
WWE Network will launch with more than 1,500 hours of on-demand content, including all WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-views. New, on-demand content will be added regularly.

23. Will WWE Network be available internationally?
Beginning Monday, February 24, WWE Network will only be available in the United States. WWE Network is scheduled to launch in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Nordics by the end of 2014/early 2015.

24. Will all content on WWE Network be PG?
WWE Network will contain a range of programming suitable for various audiences. Content rated TV-14 or TV-MA will be preceded by appropriate advisory messages recommending viewer discretion. Parental controls will be available for on-demand content.

25. Can parental controls be set-up on WWE Network?
Yes, parents will have the ability to block content that is rated TV-14 and TV-MA for on-demand content only. Viewer discretion is advised for live 24/7 streaming programming.

26. Who can fans call or email today if they have questions?
Customer Service support will be available beginning Monday, February 24 at 9:00 a.m. ET by calling 1-866-308-5684 or emailing Additionally, searchable Frequently Asked Questions and live chat service will be offered starting February 24.

1/7/14 IMPACT Podcast with Samoa Joe, Christy Hemme & Jeremy Borash

Christy and JB are back with their first show of 2014! JB invites Samoa Joe to join him on a road trip in the first podcast done while driving down a freeway in Arkansas! Plus Chrsity gives us the details of her disastrous Hemme Family Holiday, and a preview to Thursday's Magnus vs AJ Styles match on IMPACT!


STAMFORD, Conn., January 8, 2014 – WWE Network, the first-ever 24/7 streaming network, will launch live in the U.S. on Monday, February 24, featuring all 12 WWE live pay-per-view events – including WrestleMania® – valued at more than $600 per year for $9.99 per month with a 6-month commitment. WWE Network will also include groundbreaking original programming, reality shows, documentaries, classic matches and more than 1,500 hours of video on demand at launch.

Fans can subscribe to WWE Network beginning at 9 am ET on Monday, February 24 at, and for a limited time will be offered a free one week trial. WWE Network, the first 24/7 network delivered directly to fans through over-the-top digital distribution, will be available on desktops and laptops via WWE Network will also be available through the WWE App on: Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices; Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy; iOS devices such as Apple iPad and iPhone; Roku streaming devices; Sony PlayStation® 3 and Sony PlayStation® 4; and Xbox 360. Availability on additional devices, including Xbox One and select Smart TVs, will follow this summer.

"Today is a historic day for WWE as we transform and reimagine how we deliver our premium live content and 24/7 programming directly to our fans around the world,” said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. “WWE Network will provide transformative growth for our company and unprecedented value for our fans.”

WWE Network will also offer fans a revolutionary second screen experience for all original programming and live events via the WWE App, similar to the interactive fan experience currently available for flagship TV programs Raw® and SmackDown®.

WWE collaborated with MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) to build a powerful solution for delivering 24/7 WWE content to fans. MLBAM will provide its industry-leading technology services, including video streaming infrastructure, application development and operational support for reliable cross-platform distribution.

MLBAM has been at the forefront of streaming technology for more than a decade, powering its own live video subscription product since 2002. Last year, MLBAM managed live video content for more than 25,000 events, covering 80,000 hours of broadcast programming, across its sports and entertainment partners.

“We applaud WWE for this bold, timely and strategic move to fully optimize the power and potential of live entertainment,” said Bob Bowman, President and CEO, MLBAM. “We are proud to work with WWE to help provide its millions of loyal fans with unencumbered access to distinctive and engaging live content across the devices they use most.”

WWE Network is scheduled to launch in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Nordics by the end of 2014/early 2015.

Programming Highlights

WWE Network will officially launch with the live Monday Night Raw Post-Show on Monday, February 24 at 11:06 pm ET, and fans will instantly have access to the most comprehensive WWE video-on-demand library upon signing up. In addition to live Raw and SmackDown pre- and post-shows every week, new programming including a live studio show and additional on-demand content will be added in the future.

At launch, WWE Network will include:

All 12 Live Pay-Per-View Events
· All 12 current WWE pay-per-view events – including WrestleMania – will be available to subscribers live, as well as on demand.

· Live pay-per-view 30 minute pre- and post-shows.

Original Programming

Description: Description: Every Monday and Friday night, WWE Network will air 30 minute pre- and post-shows for WWE’s weekly cable programs Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown.

"The Monday Night War™ – a series exploring the shocking real-life stories that fueled the mid-90s rivalry between WWE and WCW®. Battling for ratings dominance, WWE’s Vince McMahon and WCW’s Ted Turner engaged in a masterful game of one-upmanship, and in the process, elevated WWE Monday Night Raw and WCW Monday Nitro™ to all-new levels of pop-culture relevance.

WrestleMania Rewind – a comprehensive look back at the most groundbreaking matches and dramatic moments in WrestleMania history, including never-before-seen footage and in-depth interviews.

WWE Countdown™ – a one hour, groundbreaking, interactive, countdown series that puts the power squarely in viewers’ hands by giving the audience the chance to discuss and rank WWE’s most spectacular Superstars, unexpected moments, best catch phrases and more through digital polling and social media interaction.

Coming in April: WWE Legends House™ – WWE’s greatest Legends reunite for a new title – only this time, they’re competing outside of the ring. Imagine a beautiful house in the suburbs – perfectly furnished, with gorgeous landscaping, a lovely pool and quiet, respectable neighbors. WWE Superstars from the past including Rowdy Roddy Piper, Tony Atlas and Hacksaw Jim Duggan will turn the neighborhood upside down as the house staff tries their best to keep these Legends on time, on speaking terms, and out of trouble in this new reality show.

WWE NXT® – WWE Superstars and Divas of tomorrow face off every week on WWE NXT, a one-hour weekly show that features the brightest and best of WWE’s rising stars. WWE NXT showcases the Superstars and Divas from WWE’s Performance Center as well as appearances from WWE Superstars and Legends in an intimate setting. WWE NXT broadcasts from the state-of-the-art Full Sail LIVE venue on the Full Sail University in campus in Orlando, Florida.

WWE Superstars® – a one-hour weekly show highlighting the best of WWE Superstars and Divas in heart-pounding matches. Features highlights from all WWE programming, as well as a special glimpse at everything going on in the WWE Universe.

Video On Demand

WWE Network will offer all WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-views as well as classic matches uncut and uncensored, encores of Raw, SmackDown and WWE Main Event™ totaling more than 1,500 hours of video on demand at launch.

All episodes of original programming on WWE Network will be available on demand immediately after they premiere, allowing viewers to watch on their schedule.

About WWE

WWE, a publicly traded company (NYSE: WWE), is an integrated media organization and recognized leader in global entertainment. The company consists of a portfolio of businesses that create and deliver original content 52 weeks a year to a global audience. WWE is committed to family friendly entertainment on its television programming, pay-per-view, digital media and publishing platforms. WWE programming is broadcast in more than 150 countries and 30 languages and reaches more than 650 million homes worldwide. The company is headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Munich and Tokyo.

WWE Network is the next step for Vince McMahon who continues to revolutionize event programming for sports and entertainment. As a pioneer in the television syndication business, McMahon and WWE developed syndicated programming for 30 television stations in 1979. McMahon was also a visionary in the cable television industry by leveraging the new technologies of pay-per-view and closed-circuit television for the first WrestleMania in 1985. Today, WWE delivers fans a revolutionary second screen experience during its flagship programming via the WWE App, which has more than 9 million downloads globally. The experience includes live match continuation during TV commercial breaks, backstage content, live polls, photos and exclusive information on WWE Superstars and Divas.

Additional information on WWE (NYSE: WWE) can be found at and For information on our global activities, go to

Established in June 2000 following a unanimous vote by the 30 Major League Baseball club owners to centralize all of Baseball’s Internet operations, MLB Advanced Media LP (MLBAM) is the interactive media and internet company of Major League Baseball. MLBAM manages the official league site,, and each of the 30 individual Club sites to create the most comprehensive Major League Baseball resource on the Internet. MLBAM also develops, deploys and distributes the highest-grossing sports app, At Bat, as well as manages live video content for dozens of clients. It captures, encodes and distributes tens of thousands of live video events annually, powering more live events on the Internet than any other property in the world.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

TCW - Traditional Championship Wrestling Show 14-1

Everyone who has seen this show already is raving about the Thirty Minute Iron Man Match between Sigmon and Vordell Walker. The intensity throughout this battle will amaze you. From this match, you wonder if anything will be resolved between these two. This is the first ever Iron Man Match in TCW and you really want to turn the sound up to hear the impact after impact.

Colonel Parker talks about the Last Stand Match which will take place in next week's show. This will not be for the faint of heart.

American Psycho Lance Hoyt has has his issues with The Empire for months. He gets his hands on The Exclamation Point, Steve Anthony in our Main Event.

From top to bottom, this show sets the standard for all other wrestling promotions.

Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson host with interviewer Jason Jones.

Features "Psycho Intentions" by Reign of Fury, "Blind Faith" by Method of Doubt and "Maverick" by Sudden Verge - all available for download on iTunes.

Mephisto vs Atlantis for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship

CMLL on CadenaTres: 2014-01-04
taped 2014-01-01 @ Arena Mexico
Mephisto vs Atlantis for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship

Fuego, Gallo, Tritón vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Nitro, Nosferatu

CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2014-01-04
taped 2013-12-25 @ Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
Fuego, Gallo, Tritón vs Bárbaro Cavernario, Nitro, Nosferatu

The Scrapyard with "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce Episode 4

It's simple. Five questions. Some good, some bad, some stupid. You ask, I answer.

Batista returns to Raw on Jan. 20

The Animal declares he wants to be champion again.

Sarge Called Into Action - Backstage Fallout - January 6, 2014

Sgt. Slaughter, The Great Khali, Ranjin Singh and Damien Sandow talk about their confrontation on Old School Raw.

Monday, 6 January 2014

The 2013 Wrestling Awards

A special edition of PWR PrimeTime!

Pro Wrestling 101 - Larry Sharpe & Danny Cage

Larry Sharpe discusses what he needed to do to break into the industry back in the 1970s and discusses how the Monster Factory helps younger wrestlers learn respect for the industry. Danny Doring fills in this week for Justin Credible!

What Should Wrestling's New Year Resolutions Be? Daily Squash

To continue listening...
Now available on iTunes!

In this taster of The Daily Squash WTTV Podcast, Ben Spindler and Alex Shane discuss what New Year Resolutions the wrestling industry should have. Whether it be the indies, TNA or WWE, what resolutions do you think the business or promotion should stick to for 2014?

WWE en Espanol: 3 de Enero, 2013

The Authority tiene grandes noticias para el 2014.

WrestleMania III breaks WWE's all-time attendance record

WrestleMania III stills holds a record attendance of over 93,000 fans!

A look back at the debut of WrestleMania

Take a look at how WrestleMania began with all the press and announcements surrounding it.

Nature Boy Ric Flair inspires the San Francisco 49ers

Before the San Francisco 49ers go to battle against the Green Bay Packers in NFL Wildcard Weekend, WWE Legend The Nature Boy Ric Flair met up with the defending NFC Champions to rally the team up with a strong message.

NWA Legend Ricky Morton Wins NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title

NWA Legend Morton Wins NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title
Monday, January 6, 2014

Kingsport, TN - NWA Hall of Famer Ricky Morton defeated Chase Owens at an NWA Smoky Mountain event in Kingsport, Tennessee on Saturday, January 4 to win the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

Morton, a 35-year wrestling veteran, is a four-time NWA World Tag Team Champion as a member of the legendary Rock n’ Roll Express alongside Robert Gibson and the pair was inducted into the NWA Hall of Fame in 2006. Morton has continued to contend for world championships, challenging then-NWA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Conway last year after winning the 2013 Smoky Mountain Cup.

Owens is a two-time former World Jr. Heavyweight Champion, most recently having won the title from Jason Kincaid at “NWA Invasion” in Houston in October. Owens once considered Morton a mentor before turning on him last year, thus setting up the championship contest between them.

With Satoshi Kojima’s victory over Conway for the NWA World Heavyweight title in Japan earlier in the day, January 4, 2014 is the first day in history in which both new NWA World Heavyweight and World Jr. Heavyweight Champions were crowned.

All information on the National Wrestling Alliance can be found on

Sunday, 5 January 2014

First photo of the newly rechristened Daniel Wyatt at WWE live event in Hampton, VA

Source: @SupportingBrock

Roderick Strong Legit Hurt at RoH TV Taping

Roderick Strong was legit hurt at a ROH TV Taping in a match with AJ Styles.
A fan shot the footage which you can see below.
It seems clear that Strong tucked his head when he should have left it back to take the Styles Clash.

This was obviously a mistake by Strong in my opinion, although AJ needs to take some responsibility as the move was sloppy

New NWA World Heavyweight Champion Crowned in Tokyo

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tokyo - Satoshi Kojima defeated “Ironman” Rob Conway at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s “Wrestle Kingdom 8” event at the Tokyo Dome on Saturday, January 4 to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Conway had been champion since March 2013 after defeating the Toyko Monster Kahagas in San Antonio, Texas and had since successfully defended the title many times both in the United States and several times in Japan, including against Kojima on April 7, 2013 in his first defense as champion.

In November in Osaka, Conway had also won the NWA World Tag Team titles along with Jax Dane when Conway pinned Kojima in a triple treat match also involving Kojima and Tenzan and the Killer Elite Squad.

Kojima’s victory marks the first time the NWA World Heavyweight Championship has changed hands in Japan since Dan Severn defeated Shinya Hashimoto on March 9, 2002.

Also in attendance at the match was former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race, who presented the new champion with the title.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Jonathan Gresham vs. Matt Cage - Beyond Wrestling "St. Louis Sleeper Cell" Pilot WWA4

[Full Match] Jonathan Gresham vs. Matt Cage from the Beyond Wrestling "St. Louis Sleeper Cell" pilot taping.

Surprise Rumble Entrants - WWE Top 10

The most unpredictable event of the year is the Royal Rumble. WWE Top 10 counts down the biggest surprises from the event!

He Who Laughs Last - Backstage Fallout - January 3, 2014

Big E Langston and Nikki Bella comment on their nights at SmackDown.

Jerry Lawler's Bat Mobile - The JBL & Cole Show - Ep. #58

In this edition of The JBL & Cole Show, the guys along with Renee Young take a tour of the Jerry Lawler Museum in Mississippi, The King himself shows up in his Bat Mobile, and Renee Young announces the start of a MAJOR investigation.

Bad News Barrett brings back bad news from WWE's past

Bad News Barrett wants to remind the WWE Universe of bad news from WWE's past including memorable firings, weddings and paternity results. Which 'Bad News' moment is your favorite? Leave a comment below to let us know! Continue the discussion with #BadNewsBarrett

Inbox Celebrates the New Year - WWE Inbox Episode 101

WWE Superstars and Divas, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Zeb Colter, Brad Maddox, and Eva Marie discuss their biggest accomplishments for 2013, as well as give their bold predictions for 2014.

Friday, 3 January 2014

WWE: The Best PPV Matches Of 2013 Released on January 13, 2014

3 Disc DVD collecting the greatest PPV matches from 2013 featuring your favourite WWE Superstars including, The Rock, CM Punk, John Cena, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, The Undertaker and more!

Relive another historic year with THE BEST PAY-PER-VIEW MATCHES 2013, featuring over 15 of WWE's most intense matches from its biggest events! 

The Rock returns to finally bring home the WWE Championship for the first time in ten years. CM Punk tries to extinguish Undertaker's Streak in front of over 80,000 screaming fans.

 Triple H attempts to tame The Beast, Brock Lesnar. John Cena battles back from injury to win the World Heavyweight Championship, and much more!