Monday, 15 December 1997

Nitro 12/15/97, Chris Jericho vs Scott Hall (Highlights)

Monday Night War between WWE and WCW continues... On Nitro, Chris Jericho attempts to score another victory over one of nWo's founding fathers, Scott Hall. From 12/15/97. #wweclassics

Saturday, 15 November 1997

Tuesday, 11 November 1997

Sunday, 9 November 1997

Survivor Series 1997 - Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels - WWE Title Match

Nov. 9, 1997 - It's the most controversial match in WWE history. Bret Hart defends the WWE championship against Shawn Michaels in Montreal. Wait until the end to see the full aftermath of the match.

Monday, 22 September 1997

Cactus Jack's WWE Debut

Dude Love doesn't think he has what it takes to compete in a street fight, so he calls on Cactus Jack to take his place - Raw, Sept. 22, 1997

Bret Hart vs Goldust - WWE Raw 9/22/97 (highlights)

Bret Hart takes on Goldust as Raw debuts in Madison Square Garden. From 9/22/97 #wweclassics

Sunday, 14 September 1997

WCW Fall Brawl Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero, 9/14/97 (Highlights)

At WCW Fall Brawl, Chris Jericho and this month's featured Hall Of Famer, Eddie Guerrero, collide in this classic bout for the Cruiserweight Championship. From Winston-Salem, NC - 9/14/97 #wweclassics

Monday, 11 August 1997

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho - Monday Nitro 8/11/97

EXCLUSIVE - The one and only Eddie Guerrero takes on young high-flyer the "Lion Heart" Chris Jericho. From Monday Nitro 8/11/97. #wweclassics

Tuesday, 22 July 1997

The Great Muta mists The Giant: Nitro, July 22, 1997

The Great Muta sprays mist into The Giant's face allowing other nWo members to storm the ring and attack the helpless big man.

Monday, 14 July 1997

Dude Love's WWE Debut

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin needs a tag team partner, and after refusing to choose Mankind, Dude Love steps up - Raw, July 14, 1997

Sunday, 23 March 1997

WrestleMania 13 - Goldust vs. Triple H - March 23, 1997

Triple H and Goldust go one-on-one on the grandest stage of them all - WrestleMania 13

The Undertaker vs. Sycho Sid - Wrestlemania XIII

WrestleMania 13 was the thirteenth annual WrestleMania professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). The event was presented by PlayStation and held on March 23, 1997 at the Rosemont Horizon in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois.

The main event was a no disqualification match between The Undertaker and Sycho Sid for the WWF Championship, which Undertaker won following interference from Bret Hart. The main matches on the undercard were Bret Hart versus Steve Austin in a submission match, Legion of Doom and Ahmed Johnson versus Nation of Domination in a Chicago Street Fight

Sunday, 23 February 1997

Lex Luger & The Giant vs. The Outsiders - WCW Tag Team Championship Match: SuperBrawl VII (Highlights)

Lex Luger & The Giant try to win the WCW Tag Team Titles from The Outsiders at SuperBrawl VII.

SuperBrawl VII took place on February 23, 1997 from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California.

Lex Luger and The Giant defeated The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship

Luger did not come down to the ring until late in the match after Giant was powerbombed by Nash.
Nash submitted to the Torture Rack followed by Giant pinning Hall after a chokeslam.

The titles were returned to Nash and Hall the next night because Eric Bischoff said Luger wasn't medically cleared to wrestle.

Monday, 17 February 1997

Saturday, 25 January 1997

Bret Hart vs. Mankind - Shotgun Saturday Night, 1/25/97 (Highlights)

Bret Hart goes one-on-one with fellow Hall Of Famer Mankind in a crazy scene inside a New York City night club. From Shotgun Saturday Night, 1/25/97

nWo Souled Out 1997 - The Outsiders vs. The Steiner Brothers - January 25, 1997

The Steiner Brothers must enter enemy territory in order to win the WCW Tag Team Championships against Scott Hall & Kevin Nash - nWo Souled Out 1997