Saturday, 27 January 2018

Defiant Wrestling #7: Full Show

IPW take control. Following Mark Haskins victory over Martin Kirby last week, IPW now take over until Chain Reaction. General Manager Billy Wood will address the crowd at Defiant in London.

Already scheduled for this week, however, is the Internet Title clash between Zack Sabre Jr and Mike Bailey... while Millie Mckenzie and Xia Brookside face-off to decide the new #1 contender to Kay Lee Ray's Defiant Women's Title.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Defiant Wrestling #6: Full Show

IPW have laid down a challenge and we gladly accept! It's time to reclaim the Defiant title, and it starts tonight. Haskins vs Kirby... if Haskins wins, IPW take control until the PPV. If Kirby wins, he gets a title shot!

Primate & Havoc vs Aussie Open, Joe Coffey vs The Prestige and Alex Gracie issues an open challenge.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Defiant Wrestling #5: Full Show

Austin Aries to go one-on-one with the Kiwi Buzzsaw this week on Defiant!

Austin Aries vs Travis Banks - Defiant Title

Zack Gibson vs Flash Morgan Webster

Drake vs Mike Bailey

Friday, 12 January 2018

Walk Like a Panther - Official Trailer - In Cinemas 9th March

"I believe British wrestlers are the best entertainers in the whole world." - Frank Sinatra

From the mid 70's to the late 80's, at four o' clock each Saturday afternoon, every class of great British household would come together as one. The nation unified in their support of great and fearsome warriors. Many were loved, few were loathed รข€“ all were heroes. British wrestling took place in a world where only the strongest survived, and to survive you had to 'Walk Like A Panther'.

Sadly, those days are long gone... until now.

In the much-loved traditions of 'The Full Monty' and 'Billy Elliot', 'Walk Like A Panther' is a classic everyman underdog story, blending comedy and heartfelt drama with ill-fitting Lycra.

Set in present day Yorkshire, 30 years after the plug was pulled on British wrestling on TV, a band of brothers and sisters will squeeze into their leotards for one final rumble. Dealing with the highs and lows of life through the Boston Crab and Half Nelson, the wrestlers will fight to find themselves, one another and save their community.

Mark Bolton has lived his life dreaming of being a wrestler, following in his father's footsteps - Trevor 'Bulldog' Bolton, British Champion and leader of The Panthers. At 16 years old, Mark got his shot but on the day 'Son of Bulldog' was due to make his debut, wrestling on TV was cancelled.

Over a quarter of a century later, Mark's running The Half Nelson - more public home than public house. It's here locals gather for the wake of one of their fallen comrades, Ginger Frost, Trevor's best friend and surrogate father to Mark. During the night an uninvited guest, local troublemaker Ricky Rickson, re-ignites the wrestlers' flame for the grapple as they call upon their skills from yesteryear. Footage of the pub fight is put online and it goes viral.

Local promoter, Popsy Wilson Jnr, persuades The Panthers to reform for a one-off bout but decades of pies and pints have taken their toll. When the pub is threatened with closure, The Panthers and their community come together - Mark 'Son of Bulldog' Bolton, Trevor 'Bulldog' Bolton, 'Gladiator' Glenn Higgins, Cliff 'Edge' Morris, Tony 'Sweetcheeks' Smith, Lara 'Liplock' Anderson, The Dixon Brothers, 'Zulu' Dawn and Lesley Beck must overcome the odds, re-learn their moves and re-tailor their outfits to fight the establishment, save the pub, save the village and Walk Like Panthers once more.

"This is the future of yesterday's sport, today." - Popsy Wilson, Jr.

Director: Dan Cadan
Writer: Dan Cadan
Cast: Stephen Graham, Christopher Fairbank, Dave Johns, Jill Halfpenny, Sue Johnston, Lindsey Coulson, Julian Sands, Jason Flemyng, Stephen Tompkinson, Michael Socha, Scroobius Pip

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

AFTER THE FIGHT bound for Amazon Prime in 2018

Fight Sport: After the Fight is a documentary series exposing the rarely seen path to recovery faced by the injured professional fighters of MMA, Wrestling, and Jiu Jitsu.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -Upstream Flix is excited to announce that it will launch a new TV series following the injured fighters of MMA on Amazon Prime. The series is produced in association with the Hard Knocks Fighting corporate group, an Alberta based group of companies that has created and produced several documentary TV Series on athletes in fight sport during the past few years. Jhod Cardinal, President of Upstream Flix comments “We’re excited to work with one of the premiere MMA organizations in the world and delivering something a little different than what fans are used to seeing”.

With controversy surrounding sport injuries, the After the Fight series provides an intimate and constructive perspective on the tough road to recovery faced by many athletes. After the Fight is a backstage pass to what happens when the athletes leave the ring, the injuries they incur, and how it affects both their careers and their daily lives. As Ari Taub, President of Hard Knock Fighting states “The hours outside of the gym often get overlooked as you forget the passion and dedication required 24/7 to be a world-class fighter”.

Contact sports such as amateur wrestling, grappling, and Jiu Jitsu have recently grown in popularity among young women. The benefits of women participating in these sports include knowledge of self-defense and increased self-confidence. Participation in these sports also give women first-hand experience that they need not be relegated to traditional roles - rather, they are free to act physically when they choose and also free to play traditional female roles when they choose.

The series also addresses issues related to women in sport, and specifically the contact sports that have not been historically welcoming to them. The stories of female fighters illustrate how far our culture has come regarding women's equality in sport. After the Fight highlights some of the unique issues faced by woman in fight sport.

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Defiant Wrestling #4: Full Show

See the fallout following last weeks attack by IPW.

Chris Brookes vs David Starr

Millie McKenzie vs Xia Brookside vs Roxxy

Gabriel Kidd vs Liam Slater

Plus the Defiant roster stand up to the IPW renegades.

Defiant Wrestling #3: Full Show

Primate, Jimmy Havoc, Joe Coffey & BT Gunn call-out Mark Haskins & Chris Ridgeway following their unprovoked attacks at both the #WeAreDefiant PPV on December 4th and last week on Defiant #2.

Zack Gibson looks to win his place on the roster when he takes on Gabriel Kidd, in a match which GM Stu Bennett set-up last week.

Top of Drake's hitlist is Mike Bailey, and the two go one-on-one tonight - with Bailey having his eyes set on his Internet Title match with Zack Sabre Jr next month.

Also on the card, two tag teams looking to make a further impact in Defiant, with The Hunter Brothers vs SSC.

Defiant Wrestling #2: Full Show

Defiant Wrestling #2: Full Show