Thursday, 4 June 2020

Tim Storm | Inside The NWA 003 (2020)

On Episode 003 of Inside The NWA, former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm This show was uploaded first to 

Tim speaks with Joe Galli for an hour discussing his evolution as a professional wrestler over his twenty-five year career including what it was like winning the Ten Pounds of Gold from Jax Dane, where he feels his rivalry with Nick Aldis ranks, his mentality going into #NWAPowerrr, Momma Storm, what the transition was like in the National Wrestling Alliance and so much more.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Cowboy James Storm & Nick Aldis | What's Causin Aldis 002

On the 2nd episode of What's Causin Aldis, Nick Aldis sits down with the Cowboy James Storm for an in-depth discussion between two rivals and contemporaries in professional wrestling.    You can get this and other great content commercial free and first at

James Storm and Nick Aldis discuss their time in TNA Impact Wrestling telling stories about facing each other, road stories and their exits from the company. James discusses the real-life issues with Billy Corgan during the TNA era and how it is to work with him on #NWAPowerrr. Also James Storm shares the real reason he did not join WWE NXT back in 2015 and it's not what you think. 

Monday, 1 June 2020

Sunday, 31 May 2020

MLW Anthology | Low Ki

•Student vs Teacher: Low Ki vs. Homicide
•World Heavyweight Title Fight: Low Ki vs. Shane Strickland (c)

This week MLW Anthology chronicles the Lone Wolf of Brooklyn, Low Ki.

A fighter’s fighter, Low Ki is known as one of the most devastating strikers in the sport’s history.  His superior striking, unmatched intensity and discipline can only be matched by his impressive resume, which will be on display in this edition of Anthology.

Dating back to his 2004 debut against his trainer, Homicide, MLW Anthology navigates Low Ki’s rise from the protege of Homicide and the nefarious Gary Hart to his return to the league and ascension to being the World Heavyweight Champion.

Witness not only the debut of Low Ki in MLW, but his first ever shot at the MLW World Heavyweight title against Shane Strickland. Experience “The Professional” and his ascension in Major League Wrestling.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Eli Drake Show 001 "Eli's First Time" | Carnyland Exclusive

The Eli Drake Show is now officially available as part of the new Carnyland platform.  This unique talk show is all from the perspective of the one and only... E-LI DRAKE. If you want to get The Eli Drake Show first, make sure you join to get early access plus to be a part of the show by asking questions that will be answered on the show.

On the debut episode entitled “Eli’s First Time”, Eli talks about his FIRST TIME, what really gets under his skin in the wrestling business including his time in Impact Wrestling, his feelings on the stock market, and the Michale Jordan Documentary Series “The Last Dance”.  Upon completion of Episode 001, Eli Drake added his thoughts on the passing of his friend Shad Gaspard

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Carnyland 001 | A Long Way From NWA Powerrr

Carnyland is here!  On last week's NWAP owerrr, NWA President William Patrick Corgan announced the idea of #Carnyland.  So what is it?  That's a great question that is not easily answered in one sentence, essay or even one video.

To the fans of #NWAPowerrr, we have asked one member of the roster to let you know from the beginning how much we miss doing the studio wrestling show.  You'll hear their authentic voice on how important each of you and how much we miss you.  We read every one of your comments and can't wait to read below as you watch this new show. 

From that moment, you'll enter #Carnyland and what you see will be just a first step into this new land we're building.  Like any new place, it will constantly be evolving based on its visitors, citizens and those who sit on the town council. 

You will see some familiar faces from the National Wrestling Alliance in this new place.  We will not over hype this moment, as our great NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis has said time and time again... under promise and over deliver. 

Carnyland is not just one thing.  And trust us, we've all been there... a lot.

AEW DARK EPISODE 34 | 05/19/20

AEW Dynamite airs Every Wednesday 8/7c on TNT

Monday, 18 May 2020

The Best of Jacob Fatu - Reality of Wrestling

Welcome to our first ever Best Of Collection where we will highlight a superstar of Reality of Wrestling and look back at their best matches.

Jacob Fatu was trained by his uncle, Rikishi. His father is Sam Fatu, who competed in the World Wrestling Federation as Tama and The Tonga Kid. Umaga was his uncle and The Usos are his cousins.

Jacob Fatu currently signed to (MLW) Major League Wrestling, where he is a member of the Contra Unit and the reigning World Heavyweight Champion in his first reign.

He is a member of the Anoaʻi family.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

AEW DARK EPISODE 33 | 5/12/20

AEW Dynamite airs Every Wednesday 8/7c on TNT

NWA Powerrr | Super Power | Episode 21

NWA Powerrr returns with the season 3 finale with the "lost" episode called Super Power.  This episode originally was intended to run in the build up for the Crockett Cup but with the world circumstances that event had to be postponed.   NWA President William Patrick Corgan will update all the fans on what the future of The National Wresting Alliance is at the end of NWA Powerrr.

In Episode 21, Super Power, the main event pits Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll on opposite sides of a huge tag team match as Strictly Business (featuring Thom Latimer) faces Villain Enterprises (featuring Brody King)  in this huge inter-promotional battle between the National Wrestling Alliance and Ring of Honor Wrestling.

Legends of the NWA are in action as Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson of the Rock N Roll Express battle the NWA National Champion Aron Stevens (aka Damien Sandow) and The Question Mark. 

A special confrontation with top women in the National Wrestling Alliance. as Melina, Allysin Kay and the NWA World's Women Champion Thunder Rosa will all be at the NWA Powerrr podium together.

A huge battle of two former NWA World Heavyweight Champions that turned hugely personal.  Tim Storm battles Jax Dane in a No-Disqualification match.

Plus a special interview with The NWA World Tag Team Champions Eli Drake & James Storm who are joined by Eddie Kingston.

You'll see the latest edition of May's Diary starring May Valentine, Sal Rinauro and Royce Isaacs.

A special women's challenge match as Marti Belle, Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox battle in a triple threat match. 

And the In-Ring Debut of Kamille plus her first ever interview.

Monday, 11 May 2020

MLW Fusion #109: Los Parks vs. Team AAA | Super Series | Week 5

•Los Parks vs. Psycho Clown, Psicosis, and Niño Hamburguesa
•Plus much more!

The final week of the Super Series arrives with high stakes and national pride on the line as the historic MLW AAA summit comes to a close.

AAA sends in their heavy hitter Psycho Clown alongside a legend in Psicosis and a total wild card in the human cannonball Niño Hamburguesa. Are they ready to bring balance back to the Super Series as they battle MLW’s Los Parks?

Los Parks made it clear they planned to dominate at the start of the Super Series and demanded that Psycho Clown put together a team to face the formidable family trio led by the legendary LA Park. Now two trios teams will collide in a quest for Super Series supremacy.

After months of rumors, negotiations and near confrontations, Davey Boy Smith Jr. will be in the house and demands CONTRA put up or shut up.  Will World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu of CONTRA Unit put pen to paper? With threats of a “war” CONTRA vows their presence will be felt in some form as the Super Series comes to a close.

Ol Mance Warner has a challenge for the Dynasty that will shock the sport. What does the Bucksnort brawler have in mind for the Dynasty after their disgraceful actions last week?

Meanwhile, the Dynasty travel to Tennessee to hunt down the mythical “Meth-Gator”?

Plus! Pagano promises chaos while Alicia Atout will interview AAA co-founder Konnan about the Super Series and what’s on the horizon and so much more.

MLW Fusion #108: Injustice vs. Vikingo, Octagon Jr. & Myzteziz Jr. | Super Series | Week 4

•AAA World Trios Titles Jinetes Del Aire (Vikingo, Octagon Jr. & Myzteziz Jr.) vs. Injustice
•Poder Del Norte vs. Black Destiny, Fantastick, Rayo Star
•Plus more!

The fourth stage of the historic MLW AAA Super Series arrives as over 4,500 fans in Tijuana Mexico witness an interpromotional title match.

The best trios unit in all of Lucha Libre arrive just in time to assist AAA in their efforts to rally back in the Super Series. Myzteziz Jr., Hijo del Vikingo and Octagon Jr. -- collectively known as Jinetes Del Aire make their FUSION debut.

AAA’s world class high-fliers will defend AAA’s most storied and prestigious belts: the AAA World Trios titles in an interpromotional clash as they face MLW’s Injustice.

For months Jordan Oliver, Kotto Brazil, and MLW World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed have decried MLW, the sport, its athletes and fans for not respecting them or putting them on a platform for greater success.

After being fined and suspended for their curb stomping of Brian Pillman Jr, the trio were fined and suspended by MLW, but after goading AAA Co-founder Konnan, the trio were not only reinstated into the league, but given a shot at the AAA World Trios Champions, Jinetes Del Aire.

Will Injustice shine against three of Lucha Libre’s best or will the Jinetes get the jump on Injustice and get one step closer to tying this historic interpromotional showdown?

With rumors rampant of Davey Boy Smith signing the dotted line for a World Title Fight, MLW has an exclusive update as the 3rd generation powerhouse puts CONTRA and the undefeated champ Jacob Fatu in his crosshairs.

The Dynasty invite you to join them in the Caribbean as the self-proclaimed Caribbean Heavyweight Champion Richard Holliday goes on a shopping spree.

Also! One week before Los Parks represent MLW in the Super Series, we return to La Cocina de LA Park as the patriarch of lucha shows his skills in the kitchen match his skills in the ring.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Nick Aldis vs. Colt Cabana | NWA World Title Match | China 2018

As Nick Aldis closes in on history of holding the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, we look at a historic and monumental match from April 2018 vs. Colt Cabana.   This match was the first time ever that the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship was EVER defended in China.

We're proud to present the full journey of Colt Cabana vs. Nick Aldis including the initial challenge that happened after Nick Aldis defeated James Ellsworth in a challenge match.  We'll learn more about Colt Cabana's journey to a potential third NWA Worlds Championship.  Cabana speaks honestly about what the first two reigns were like and how he never thought he'd get a second chance. 

Also from the #TenPoundsOfGold story, you'll see the journey of both men to China from landing in Shanghai to their journey to Wenzhou for this historic match.  This is an unparalleled look into the life of The NWA Worlds Champion and his challenger.   Plus you'll see the full match that happened in front of over two thousand fans. 

Also in this video, you'll be the first to find out when the very special #NWAPowerrr episode entitled Super Powerrr will air!

AEW DARK EPISODE 32 | 5/5/20

AEW Dark match card
Ryan Pyles vs. 10
CPT Shawn Dean vs. Sammy Guevara
#SuperBad Kip Sabian vs. Colt Cabana

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Tim Storm & Nick Aldis | The Modern Era Rebirth of the NWA

We look back at the debut of the modern era of The NWA with Tim Storm & Nick Aldis starting in October of 2017.    When William Patrick Corgan & Lightning One took over the NWA, the first step included the introduction of the man holding Ten Pound of Gold Tim Storm.  And also included his first challenger Nick Aldis. 

You'll witness the very first vignette featuring Tim Storm, his first appearance on Ten Pounds of Gold, his debut "mountaintop" promo, the backstory of his time in the NWA in the 1990s, the introduction of Nick Aldis and his challenge to Storm.   Plus we'll see the first comments of NWA President Billy Corgan about the history of the National Wrestling Alliance. 

You'll also see three matches on this video including singles matches with Nick Aldis and Tim Storm leading up to their battle for #TenPoundsOfGold against each other. 

AEW DARK EPISODE 31 | 4/28/20

AEW Dynamite airs Every Wednesday 8/7c on TNT

Sunday, 26 April 2020

MLW Fusion #107: Super Series | Week 3

•Hart Foundation vs. Los Mercenarios
•No Disqualification: Richard Holiday vs. Chessman
Plus more!

For the first time since October the Hart Foundation reunite as they represent MLW in the Super Series!

With Davey Boy Smith Jr and Brian Pillman Jr eyeing singles gold, their bond and pride in representing MLW bring them together in Mexico.  Davey Boy looks to make statement as he continues to campaign for a championship bout against Fatu while Pillman is focussed on a prosperous comeback.

These two will have no time to work out the rust as they face former AAA Tag Team Champions Rey Escorpion and Texano Jr. Coupled with rumors of CONTRA infiltrating MLW and Injustice making their way across the border, anything could happen.

“Championship” action is on the docket this week as Richard Holiday looks to make it a clean sweep for the Dynasty in Tijuana.

The self-proclaimed Carribean Heavyweight Champion Richard Holliday will compete in a traditional “Caribbean rules” match, meaning there are no disqualifications.  Is the Airpod God looking for opportunities to gain advantages over the legendary Chessman? Tune in to find out!

The much touted Team Filthy/American Top Team mega merger press conference will take place.

Speaking of Team Filthy, the World Tag Team Champions Ross and Marshall Von Erich will make a statement on Lawlor and his stable of fighters entering the tag team division.

The office of Dr. Sweglar will also release a report on Douglas James following last week’s knockout.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Reality of Wrestling: No Limit’s Ladder Match (Tables, Ladders & Chairs) [ThrowBack]

Welcome to RoW Throwback series looking back at some of the most memorable moments and matches in Reality of Wrestling history!

La Familia vs The Cool vs Fly Def in a NO LIMIT’s TLC (Tables, Ladders & Chairs) tag team title match is from Reality of Wrestling's iPPV  (The last Stand 2019)

Monday, 20 April 2020

NWA Crockett Cup 2019 | Nick Aldis vs. Marty Scurll | Full PPV Event

The National Wrestling Alliance brought back the classic tag team tournament The Crockett Cup in April of 2019.  This full event features the epic battle for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship between best-friends Nick Aldis & Marty Scurll.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

MLW Fusion #106: Super Series | Week 2

Team Filthy vs. Puma King & Xtreme Tigre
Douglas James vs. Averno
Plus more!

The MLW AAA Super Series Continues as the summit south of the border enters week two with the Super Series tied 1-1.

The defiant and dangerous Team Filthy looks to ground and pound the high-flying AAA luchadores as they compete with Puma King and Xtreme Tigre.  Will Team Filthy’s Tom Lawlor and “The Bone Collector” Dominic Garrini try to not only get MLW a win but align themselves closer to a shot at their rivals and MLW World Tag Team Champions, the Von Erichs? Or will the world’s finest feline luchadors purr and pounce Lawlor and Garrini? Tune in to find out!

Mance Warner is hot as a hornet about Alex Hammerstone interrupting Mancer’s Super Series bout last week.  The “Southern” Psychopath” promises to haul ass once south of the border back-to-weeks as he looks for a fight with the dynastic Phoenix powerhouse Alex Hammerstone. 

In the second Super Series bout of the night, kickboxer/MMA fighter Douglas James rumbles with one of Mexico’s legitimate tough guys in Averno.  Known behind the scenes for hands of stone, Averno will have to try and keep up with the young, fast and furious “hybrid fighter” Douglas James. Which athlete will secure the all-important win for their league in the Super Series?

After the carnage caused in his hellfire debut, Pagano has sent in an unsettling message... and shocking challenge.

More participants in the Super Series will be revealed!

Davey Boy Smith Jr. gives an update on Brian Pillman Jr. while Injustice have a special statement of their own and birthday girl Alicia Atout has the scoop!

Join Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and birthday girl Alicia Atout from Tijuana for a night of top ranked action.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Sunday, 12 April 2020

MLW Fusion #105: Alex Hammerstone vs. Laredo Kid | MLW AAA Super Series

•MLW National Openweight Title Match: Alexander Hammerstone vs. Laredo Kid
•Barrio Street Fight: Mance Warner & Savio Vega vs. Pagano & Mortiz
•Plus more!

The MLW AAA Super Series Begins!

Experience history in the making as AAA hosts the first ever Super Series from Tijuana, Mexico!

Featuring both organization’s top athletes, witness two organizations clash with national pride and championship gold on the line in a spectacular summit south of the border.

Tijuana could very well become title town as MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone defends his title against AAA’s electrifying Laredo Kid.

Fresh off of last week’s shocking main event where Mance Warner swept MJF out of MLW, the Dynasty’s Alex Hammerstone looks to drop the hammer and reverse the Dynasty’s downward momentum.

Can Hammerstone get the Dynasty’s mojo back as he looks for a successful ninth defense of the Openweight title?

Or will AAA’s Laredo Kid conquer Muscle Mountain and win the title in Mexico?  The stakes are high in the first main event of the Super Series.

Mance Warner rolls up with Savio Vega as the duo represent MLW in an anything goes Barrio Street Fight against AAA’s wildest luchadores.

For weeks fans have been haunted by the unsettling messages sent by Pagano which have aired on FUSION.  Now the 6’2” strange, sinister man makes his debut as he teams with Mortiz against Warner and Vega.

After being brutally assaulted by Injustice, Alicia Atout promise to have an exclusive on Brian Pillman Jr.

Will Psycho Clown accept Los Parks’ Super Series challenge? Tune in to find out!

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor has a message for the Von Erichs as the captain of Team Filthy continues to make big moves, with the Team Filthy/American Top Team merger.

Plus, AAA Co-Founder Konnan is in the house and more!

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Paul Boesch's NWA Houston Wrestling w/Andre The Giant & Harley Race

One name stands the test of time when talking legendary promoter is Paul Boesch and Houston Wrestling.  The long-time NWA Promoter presented wrestling in the city of Houston in the 1960s, 70s and 80s featuring the biggest names of all of wrestling from every major wrestling organization. 

This special presentation of Paul Boesch's Houston Wrestling features legends of the National Wrestling Alliance like Andre The Giant, NWA Worlds Champion Harley Race who is holding the Ten Pounds of Gold, Superstar Billy Graham, Mil Mascaras, Bruiser Brody, Gino Hernandez and so many more. 

This video also features classic commercials from the era featuring Dusty Rhodes and others.  Plus in action - Gino Hernandez & Superstar Billy Graham. 

AEW DARK EPISODE 28 | 4/7/20

AEW Dynamite airs Every Wednesday 8/7c on TNT

Monday, 6 April 2020

MLW Fusion #104: MJF vs. Mance Warner • Loser Leaves MLW

•Loser Leaves MLW Empty Arena Match: Mance Warner vs. MJF
•Douglas James vs. Séptimo Dragon
•Plus more!

MJF battles Mance Warner in a Loser Leaves MLW empty arena match!

MLW is not big enough for both of them. Who will leave the conquering combatant? Which wrestler will be forever vanquished?  MLW Fusion’s historic main event couldn’t have bigger implications.

After months of being disrespected and having his Uncle Moonman pummeled by the Dynasty, the “Southern Psychopath” called out the cocky Dynasty co-founder MJF stating MLW was not big enough for both.

MJF, whose ability is only matched by the size of his ego, quickly accepted the challenge at the protest of his brothers in the Dynasty. Now, the former World Middleweight and Tag Team Champion looks to stomp out Mance Warner once and for all… and likely with some help from his fellow elitists in The Dynasty.

Who will continue to blaze their path into greatness? MJF or Mance Warner? Tune in to MLW Fusion to experience the first ever Loser Leaves MLW Empty Arena match!

The middleweight division heats up as Séptimo Dragon takes on MMA/kickboxer turned pro wrestling Douglas James in a bout with championship implications.  A middleweight challengers bout, matchmakers will be watching both men’s performance as future contenders for the middleweight title come into focus.

Séptimo Dragon enters the bout looking to pounce up the rankings but in order to do so he’ll have to stay in the air and unleash sky combat against the battle tested combat sports athlete Douglas James.

Last week’s King of Knockouts fight has been one of the most controversial topics in combat sports. What’s the fallout from this scandalous clash? Tune in to find out.

Plus: An update on not only last week’s brutal attack on Brian Pillman Jr., but also a medical update on Killer Kross following King Mo breaking a baseball bat across Kross’ back two weeks ago.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Sunday, 29 March 2020

MLW Fusion #103: Low Ki vs. King Mo | Hammerstone vs. T-Hawk

•The King of Knockouts: King Mo cornered by Dan Lambert vs. Low Ki cornered by Ross Von Erich
•Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Jordan Oliver
•MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone vs. T-Hawk

Who is the true king of knockouts in MLW?

This week on MLW Fusion the world will find out as Low Ki fights King Mo in the main event.

A week after breaking a baseball bat across the back of Killer Kross and severely injuring the pit fighter, King Mo now looks to up the ante by defeating one of the most dominant forces in MLW history in Low Ki.

Over the last 12 months Low Ki KO’d 60% of his opponents.  King Mo has KO’d 62% of his opponents throughout his championship career in MMA.  What happens when King Mo collides with Low Ki? Find out on this week’s Fusion!

Will this mysterious new alliance between Team Filthy and American Top Team factor into this match?

Low Ki isn’t taking any risks and will have Ross Von Erich in his corner to keep Dan Lambert in check and hopefully Team Filthy at bay.

One week before Dynasty’s MJF faces down his destiny and future in MLW against Mance Warner in a loser leaves MLW empty arena encounter, fellow Dynasty “bro” Alexander Hammerstone looks to make history with eight successful defenses of his MLW National Openweight title. But the proprietor of Muscle Mountain must face off against a formidable foe in T-Hawk of the Stronghearts!

Alicia Atout will have an exclusive interview with Brian Pillman Jr. before his much anticipated first bout against a member of Injustice.

Pillman looks for his first step of vengeance as he faces the outspoken and obnoxious Jordan Oliver. Will Oliver be the gatekeeper for the caustic trio, or will Pillman Jr. take his first step towards Myron Reed and the World Middleweight Championship?

Join Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and Alicia Atout from Philadelphia for a night of top ranked action.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

NWA Pop Up Full Event | Hair vs. Hair | David Arquette vs. Jocephus

In January of 2019, the National Wrestling Alliance presented its first NWA Pop Up Event, in association with Tried N True Pro Wrestling, at the Wilma Rudolph Convention Center in Clarksville, TN.  The #NWAPopUp event gained national headlines for the unique attraction of David Arquette vs. Jocephus in a tag-team Hair vs. Hair match.  You can see the full press conference for The NWA Pop Up Event here - 

The main event was for the Ten Pounds of Gold as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship as "The National Treasure" Nick Aldis defended against "The Cowboy" James Storm.  This match had a very controversial conclusion that lead to the on-going issue with James Storm and Nick Aldis onto #NWAPowerrr.

The event also featured the NWA Women's World Champion at the time Jazz defending the championship against Allie (formerly of Impact Wrestling and now wrestling on All Elite Wrestling). 

Plus The NWA National Champion, at the time, Willie Mack defend the title against MDogg Matt Cross

The first qualifying match for the 2019 Crockett Cup took place on this date as The War Kings (Crimson & Jax Dane with Road Warrior Animal) battled Jay Bradley and Caleb Konley.

AEW DARK EPISODE 26 | 3/18/20

AEW Dynamite airs Every Wednesday 8/7c on TNT

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis Answers Your Questions

The current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis who has carried the Ten Pounds of Gold into huge battles with Tim Storm, James Storm, Marty Scurll and Cody Rhodes sat down with the National Wrestling Alliance to answer fans questions.  Ask your questions in comments and Nick will answer those he feels need to be answered.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Cameron Cole vs Bartek [Throwback] Reality Of Wrestling - Cage Match

Welcome to our Throwback series looking back at some of the most memorable moments and matches in Reality of Wrestling history!

Former Tag-Team partner turned rivals faced each other inside a Steel-Cage! Cameron Cole vs Bartek managed by Stevie Ray.

Gustavo Mendoza vs The Pride [Throwback] Reality Of Wrestling - Cage Match

Welcome to our Throwback series looking back at some of the most memorable moments and matches in Reality of Wrestling history!

This is the FIRST Steel-Cage match in ROW’s history between Gustavo Mendoza vs The Pride for the title.

After the match saw a shocking surprise by Stevie Ray!

MLW Fusion #102: Von Erichs, Killer Kross & Davey Boy Smith vs. Team Filthy | El Lindaman vs. Zenshi

•Eight Man Main Event: The Von Erichs, Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Killer Kross vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Erick Stevens, Dominic Garrini, Kit Osbourne
•Zenshi vs. El Lindaman
•Mance Warner’s Mystery Man vs. Richard Holiday

Eight men collide in the main event as Ross & Marshall Von Erich team with Davey Boy Smith Jr. and the outsider known as Killer Kross as they go to war against Team Filthy’s Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini, Kit Osbourne and Erick Stevens.

After being betrayed and disrespected, Ross and Marshall Von Erich ride into Philadelphia fixing for a fight with Team Filthy.  Following Davey Boy Smith’s challenge, the 3rd generation grappler will unite with two other 3rd generation wrestlers: Ross and Marshall Von Erich as they look to stomp out Team Filthy.  The wild card? WWE’s newest signing Killer Kross.  Can the trio trust Kross? They’ll need to in order to vanquish Team Filthy.

Mance Warner looks to knock the smug smile off of Richard Holliday’s face as he deals the Dynastic elitist a mystery opponent! Who or WHAT has Ol Mancer found for the Caribbean Heavyweight Champion? Tune in to find out!

In middleweight action, Japan’s El Lindaman returns to MLW to battle one of Chile’s best in Zenshi! Who will reign supreme in this battle between Lucha Libre and Japanese strongstyle?

All of this PLUS we LA Park invites you into his La Cocina as the lucha libre legend drops some delicious knowledge in the kitchen!

Join Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and Alicia Atout from Philadelphia for a night of top
ranked action.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Monday, 16 March 2020

Reality Of Wrestling: The Best of Steel Cage Matches

Welcome to the "Best of Series" where we look back into our history to show you the most memorable moments in Reality of Wrestling's history.

Fallah Bahh vs Mysterious Q

Ryan Davidson vs Bryan Keith

The Pride vs Gustavo Mendoza

Cameron Cole vs Bartek

Gino Medina vs Ayden Cristiano

Mysterious Q (with DDP) vs Samoan Beast (with Stevie Rae)

Ryan Davidson & Alex Reigns vs Cameron Cole & Bartek

JJ Blake vs Terrale Tempo   (No Limits Cage Match)

Bryan Keith vs Ryan Davidson    (Rematch)

Hyan vs AQA    (Women's Title)

Sunday, 15 March 2020

MLW Fusion #101: Tom Lawlor vs Killer Kross | Mance Warner vs Gino Medina | Myron Reed vs Laredo Kid

•Interpromotional Fight: Killer Kross vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor
•MLW World Middleweight Title Fight: Myron Reed (c) vs. Laredo Kid
•Mance Warner vs. “El Intocable” Gino Medina

What happens when WWE’s newest signee Killer Kross invades Major League Wrestling looking for a fight with 10-year UFC veteran and former MLW World Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor? Tick tock… viewers are about to find out on this week’s FUSION.

Tom Lawlor has been on a tear in 2020. Now he clashes with Killer Kross in a bout that has become an inter-promotional dream match.  With high stakes, Lawlor vs. Kross promises to be a historic fight and main event that you don’t want to miss.

Where is CIMA? What has CONTRA Unit done with the decorated wrestler? There’s chatter that CONTRA will release a video that will shock the wrestling world while hopefully providing critical information on CIMA’s whereabouts. Tune in to learn more!

The World Middleweight Championship will be contested as the reigning and self-proclaimed “GOAT” Myron Reed looks to continue his outspoken and unrivaled run as he faces off against the Laredo Kid in a highly anticipated title fight.

Reed, who was unofficially pinned by the popular AAA luchador after a tag team bout a few weeks back, looks for revenge against the man who embarrassed him.

Laredo Kid’s quest for MLW gold comes under the watchful eye of AAA co-founder Konnan, who has had his own problematic run-ins with the outspoken trio known as Injustice.

Weeks after his Uncle Moonman was attacked by Dynasty, Mance Warner gets his hands on one of their members for the first time in a one-on-one fight, as he faces off against Gino Medina.

Will the Southern Fried fighter be able to stifle the Dynasty’s newest edition, or will the numbers game come into play and put Ole Mancer out of commission?

Back in Hawaii, Kevin Von Erich drops some knowledge on his sons as they ready for their continued war against Team Filthy.

PLUS! Pro Wrestling Illustrated honors Brian Pillman Jr.

Join Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and Alicia Atout from Philadelphia for a night of top ranked action.

Friday, 13 March 2020

Reality of Wrestling: 2020 Rowards [Yearly Award Show]

Reality of Wrestling's "Rowards" is our yearly award show to highlight the moments of Reality of Wrestling and honoring our stars.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

NWA's The Circle Squared | George South vs. Colby Corino | Freya vs. Dani Jordyn

The Circle Squared is back from the NWA with episode 2 & 3 featuring Colby Corino, George South, Freya The Slaya, and Dani Jordyn.  The Circle Squared was created to give any talents on the open market a chance to compete on the NWA Powerrr set and the National Wrestling Alliance. 

In episode one, Luke and PJ Hawx fought the team lead by Nikita Koloff of Tyson Dean and Jeff Lewis Neal.   As this first season moves forward, each talent is evaluated based on the audience reaction, the feedback of wrestlers, and the approval of the management of the National Wrestling Alliance. 

The goal of each of these talents is to move on to an NWA Contract and a chance to be on NWA Powerrrr. 


AEW Dynamite airs Every Wednesday 8/7c on TNT

Monday, 9 March 2020

Reality of Wrestling TV: Episode 277

(Reality of Wrestling) is a wrestling promotion owned by Booker T that runs out of Houston, Texas showcasing the top unsigned talent from around the world in a weekly episodic series.

Cam Cole vs Erik Lockhart vs Max Humberto
Isaiah James vs Mantell
Rok-C vs Hyan

MLW Fusion #100: Fatu vs CIMA | Pillman vs Havoc | Smith vs Stevens

•MLW World Heavyweight Title Fight: Jacob Fatu vs. CIMA
•Brian Pillman Jr vs. Jimmy Havoc w/ Priscilla Kelly
•Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Erick Stevens

Major League Wrestling invites you to FUSION 100. Celebrating the centennial episode of MLW’s flagship series, the league will present three big bouts — all main event caliber clashes.

Months after CONTRA Unit’s vicious attack on the STRONGHEARTS, Japan’s top ranked wrestler CIMA looks to bring down the Samoan Smashing Machine in the historic 100th edition of MLW Fusion.

Philadelphia will host an international showdown as CIMA challenges for the World Heavyweight Championship.

CIMA not only looks to beat CONTRA Unit’s unstoppable force, but also looks to be the first Japanese competitor since Satoshi Kojima in 2003 to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Can CIMA conquer Fatu? Find out on MLW FUSION 100.

Following his dominant debut in Dallas, Erick Stevens, a new associate somehow affiliated with Team Filthy looks to prove why he is one of the most feared fighters in MLW as he takes on the 2019 Opera Cup winner Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Stevens claims Smith has been running from him for years. On FUSION 100 he will get his long awaited shot at the third generation fighter. How will Team Filthy figure into this bout? Will Smith be our numbered? Will Team Filthy continue their streak of showing no mercy, or will one of MLW’s best stifle the outspoken Stevens?

In the thurs of arguably three certified main event bouts on FUSION 100, England’s Most Dangerous Man” Jimmy Havoc returns to action for the first time since the Last Tangle In Texas to face off against Brian Pillman Jr.

Havoc and his manager Priscilla Kelly have promised pain and suffering for the second-generation star, who has had to have eyes in the back of his head due to ongoing issues with Middleweight champion Myron Reed and his fellow Injustice members. With Pillman confirming a move to under 205 pounds, one could expect Injustice trying to make their presence felt in Philadelphia.

Join Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and Alicia Atout from Philadelphia for a night of top ranked action.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

NWA Powerrr | Ep 20 "Stand & Defend" w/Nick Aldis, Eli Drake, James Storm & Ricky Starks

NWA Powerrr Episode 20 "Stand & Defend" covers the story of three sets of champions fighting big challenges.  Nick Aldis, as The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion is set to defend the Ten Pounds Of Gold against Marty Scurll at the Crockett Cup.

Eli Drake and James Storm, The NWA World Tag Team Champions are set for a huge challenge as they face The Bouncers from Ring of Honor Wrestling in a huge inter-promotional battle with major Crockett Cup implications involved. 

Ricky Starks, the reigning NWA TV Champion, goes for win number three in the Lucky Seven rule against Zicky Dice. 

Also on this episode of #NWAPowerrr, The NWA National Champion Aron Stevens has a unique offer for the Rock N Roll Express heading into Crockett Cup. 

Plus, May Valentine and Sal Rinuaro talk about May's Diary vlog show and The Dawsons battle Caleb Konley and CW Anderson in a Last Chance Match.


AEW Dynamite airs Every Wednesday 8/7c on TNT

Saturday, 29 February 2020

MLW Fusion #99: Los Parks vs. CONTRA Unit

•Lumberjack Match: CONTRA UNIT vs. Los Parks
•Injustice vs. Zenshi and Laredo Kid
•Plus more!

Two forces notorious for chaos will collide as Los Parks return to MLW for the first time since the shocking ending to Saturday Night SuperFight as they clash with their bitter rivals CONTRA Unit on MLW FUSION.

With four fearless and dangerous competitors colliding, the league will reinforce the ringside perimeter with lumberjacks to contain the guaranteed bedlam that will detonate at the historic 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

In the first-ever lumberjack match in MLW history, Los Parks and CONTRA Unit will have to not only battle each other but manage designated wrestlers ringside, who will surround the ring in the classic lumberjack match fashion.

Tasked with containing the carnage, the lumberjacks could be tempted to unleash a beating to ensure the four loathed competitors keep the action from spilling out on to the streets of South Philadelphia.

The Destroyer and his son vow a vicious receipt for SuperFight.

Standing in their way is a force known for strategic violence and unrelenting attacks.

Will Los Parks make a triumphant return or will the black flag of CONTRA wave victorious over the iconic masks of Los Parks?

After the Dynasty viciously attacked his Uncle Moonman, AJ Kirsch will speak with the “Southern Psychopath” Mance Warner. What will the Bucksnort Brawler have to say about the elitists known as the Dynasty?

Also, one week after inciting a riot in Dallas, Team Filthy speaks to Alicia Atout!

25 years after debuting in the 2300 Arena, Konnan is back and he has some truth bombs for “The Untouchable” Gino Medina.

Plus: the “Rogue Prince” Brian Pillman Jr. will be in the house!

Join Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and Alicia from Dallas/Ft. Worth for a night of top ranked action.


AEW Dynamite airs Every Wednesday 8/7c on TNT

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

NWA Powerrr | Episode 19 "Strictly Chaos"

NWA Powerrr is back with a huge episode the week that the 2020 Crockett Cup goes on sale with main event of Nick Aldis vs. Marty Scurll for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.   On NWA Power, episode 19, Nick Aldis calls out Marty Scurll to give him a way out of the deal.  What ensues is STRICTLY CHAOS!  Watch what happens when the leader of Strictly Business collides with the leader of Villain Enterprises.

The main event of NWA Powerrr is Thunder Rosa defending against Melina for the NWA Women's World Championship.  Melina, who has been guiding Thunder Rosa, has made it clear she now wants a shot at the title.  This will explode on this episode of Powerrr

Also on this episode - The Question Mark defends the "honor" of Aron Stevens as he faces Trevor Murdoch.  Plus Ricky Starks battles Matt Cross and Zicky Dice in a non-title match. 


Your AEW Dark card for this episode!⁠
Dark Order vs. Strong Hearts
Jimmy Havoc vs. Marko Stunt  ⁠
Shawn Spears & Peter Avalon vs. QT Marshall & Dustin Rhodes
'Superbad' Kip Sabian vs. 'The Bad Boy' Joey Janela

Monday, 24 February 2020

MLW Fusion #98: Tom Lawlor vs Ross Von Erich | GRUDGE MATCH

•Ross Von Erich vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor
•Erick Stevens vs. Douglas James
•King Mo in action
•Logan Creed in action!

Since the closing moments of the 2019 Fusion on Thanksgiving special Ross Von Erich has had one objective: get “Filthy” Tom Lawlor in the ring. This week it finally happens as the elder Von Erich brother battles the captain of Team Filthy in a Grudge Match!

Can Ross continue his momentum following last week’s World Tag Team title defense against the Dynasty? Or does the filthiest fighter in the sport have something up his sleeve? Never one to play by the rules, the traitor will take on one of Texas’ own in the heart of Von Erich Country in tonight’s main event.

Knocking out 62% of his opponents in MMA, one of the sport’s most dangerous finishers, King Mo promises to add another victim to his list of wins in Major League Wrestling. Who will step up against the self-proclaimed “Knockout King”?

After weeks heralding total annihilation, Erick Stevens touches down in MLW as he faces off with Douglas James.

James answered the call after league officials made an open challenge for the dangerous Stevens, who had potential opponents decline the challenge due to the potential harm he brings to the ring. Will the kickboxer turned pro wrestler have what it takes to derail Stevens’ entry into MLW? Or will the bigmouth mohawked mauler make a statement in his debut?

PLUS! The Dynasty will be in the house and they’re not happy.  What will the elitists have to say? What will they do? Tune in to find out!

Join Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and Alicia from Dallas/Ft. Worth for a night of top ranked action.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020


On this episode of #AEWDark comes to your from Austin, TX!
Your match line-up is:
- #Diamante vs. "The Galaxy's Greatest Alien" #KrisStatlander
- #BestFriends vs. #TheHybrid2
- #ChristiJaynes vs. #BigSwole
- #QTMarshall & #PeterAvalon vs. #TheYoungBucks