Thursday, 31 January 2013

Superfly Jimmy Snuka Shoot Interview 1/31/13 - The Real Phenom of the WWE

WWE Hall of Famer and true wrestling legend Superfly Jimmy Snuka sat down with Patrick Kelley and James Walsh to discuss his new book called "Superfly - The Jimmy SNuka Story". The interview, much like the book, is a fun conversation with a wrestler who has seen it all from the beginning to present. A fun, light interview with a high flying legend!

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Ringside Or Riot - Season 2 Episode 3

Eddie Kingston PWINSIDERTV Dealing with Demons, Old School in 2013, CHIKARA Haters, Dusty & More

Eddie Kingston, the Grand champion of CHIKARA ( discusses trying to get himself into good shape and being a pro wrestler instead of acting like one, why the time is now for him and his career to get things going, being invited to Osaka Pro in Japan, his favorite match, the Dusty Rhodes promo that made him love pro wrestling, being an old school style wrestler in the 21st Century, Eddie Gilbert, Dick Murdoch, fighting his own demons, his response to fans that dismiss CHIKARA on first impressions, still hating Chris Hero aka Kassius Ohno, what he hopes to get done in 2013 and much more - the type of colorful, explicit exchange you'd expect from Kingston!

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Booker T's Reality of Wrestling - Episode 24

This is the 24th edition of Booker T's "Reality of Wrestling" bringing you the top unsigned talent from around the United States. For the first time see Mitch Baxter vs The Hammer with a very special stipulation made by ROW GM Sharmell Huffman. Also in action ROW Champion Rob Barnes takes on Cedric Pain & The Rockstar goes One on One with Ayden Cristiano.

The Danger Zone Wrestling Podcast - Episode 3: Jan 30th 2013

The third episode of The Danger Zone Wrestling Podcast. In this edition Daniel, Ryan and Himpy discuss the 2013 Royal Rumble PPV and the 28/01/13 episode of Raw. A new episode will be released every Wednesday evening.


Kofi Kingston Entrance Video

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


The one and only Colt Cabana joins us on PWInsiderTV discussing the health issues that almost cost him a finger, how he dealt with being trapped in California, building himself to the point he doesn't need to be on national TV, what his reaction would be if he was offered a deal now, this weekend's $5 Wrestling iPPV on, the romance of Abdullah the Butcher & Bruiser Brody, building his own brand, tapping into unique fans with social media and comedy, why he thinks fans take to him, what his next project with Marty DeRosa will be and much, much more!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Little Guido PWINSIDERTV Interview Mamaluke Retirement, UWFi, Life after Wrestling, Strangest Venue

Former WWE and ECW star Little Guido (aka Nunzio) from the FBI discusses the retirement of his longtime partner Tony Mamaluke, his partners always leaving him, memories of training and competing in Japan for the UWFi, his belief he was going into a shoot when he first went to Japan, his job working as a court officer in New York, the strangest place he's ever had to wrestle in, the early days of wrestling in NYC, the Guido persona everyone forgets about and much more!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Royal Rumble 2013 Pre Show

The Miz challenges Antonio Cesaro for the United States Championship.

The Rock vs. CM Punk - WWE Championship Match: Royal Rumble 2013 (Highlights)

The Rock looks to become WWE Champion when he challenges CM Punk at the Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble (2013) was the twenty-sixth annual Royal Rumble professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by WWE. It took place on January 27, 2013 at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. It was the first WWE pay-per-view of 2013, and featured the traditional Royal Rumble match.

"According to new data from WWE, this year's Royal Rumble garnered approximately 498,000 buys. The 2013 Rumble did around 322,000 buys in North America and 176,000 internationally." Up 55,000 from last year 443,000 buys the previous year, This is the highest buyrate the Royal Rumble has scored since 2008, where the event was bought by roughly 533,000 people worldwide.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Booker T's Reality of Wrestling - Episode 23

This is the 23rd edition of Booker T's "Reality of Wrestling" bringing you the top unsigned talent from around the United States in this episode we see the fall out of R.O.W's first iPPV as Abel Andrew Jackson takes on Steve DeMarco and in the MAIN EVENT Kid Ransom challenges Jared Steel for the internet championship PLUS MUCH MORE!!!

The Danger Zone Wrestling Podcast - Episode 2: Jan 23rd 2013

The second episode of The Danger Zone Wrestling Podcast. A new episode will be released every Wednesday evening.


Adam Cole PWINSIDERTV Interview ROH Anniversary, Sami Callihan, Kyle O'Reilly, Goals & More

ROH TV champion Adam Cole discusses memories of his banner year in 2012, the pressure he and others put on themselves to perform at a high level, his bloody battle against Kyle O'Reily, what was going through his mind when he was busted open, his relationship with Sami Callihan and the parallels of their careers, favorite ROH memories, goals for 2013 and what he's focusing on, the hardest part of the last year of his career and much more!

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Ring of Honor returns to iPPV with their 11th Anniversary Show in March from Chicago. For details, visit

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Crowbar PWINSIDERTV Interview Extreme Rising, Star Wars, Dennis Coraluzzo, Wrestling Today & More

Former WCW star Devon "Crowbar" Storm discusses whether his Extreme Rising run is a career resurgence, why the company has been so fun for him, his reputation for not "respecting the business" among some wrestlers when he was pursuing his education while wrestling full-time, what he says to them today, wrestling and working hard when he doesn't need to be in the business, the power that it gives him, his excitement over new Star Wars movies in the future, his favorite story about the late Dennis Coraluzzo and much more!

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El Ligero vs Mark Haskins @ Raw Deal in Stevenage

On the 20th October 2012, Southside Wrestling Entertainment made there long awaited debut in Stevenage.

Two of the very best talents in UK against each other, in yet another amazing contest.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Cowboy James Storm Shoot Interview 2003 - The Interactive Interview

In 2003, we were green as goose poop. But, James Storm was also not as comfortable in his character as he's become. We've both come a long way. But, I am so proud of James Storm for being the big star he is now.

Visit us at for more great interviews like this.

Nigel McGuinness PWINSIDER TV interview Last of McGuinness film, ROH Memories, Policing Blood & More

Former ROH champion & TNA star Nigel "Desmond Wolfe" McGuinness talks with PWInsiderTV about the response to his excellent documentary "The Last of McGuinness", blood in pro wrestling, how it should be policed in 2013, moves all wrestling promotions should take for their talents, the support fans have given him over the course of the documentary, how emotional the process putting the film together was, his goals for the film and how they changed, his favorite ROH memories and more!

For more on Nigel's excellent documentary, visit Nigel appears weekly for ROH, which returns to iPPV for their Anniversary show in March. For more on Ring of Honor, visit

Sunday, 20 January 2013

PAC (Adrian Neville) Vs Drew Mcintyre (featuring Sheamus) (Full Match)

In this Wrestle Talk TV "From The Vault" series match, new WWE star Pac (Adrian Neville) takes on Drew Mcintyre In London. Taking place the famous York Hall in Bethnal Green for RQW, this contest also features a yet to be signed to WWE, Sheamus. A real peice of British wrestling history, you wont want to miss this classic UK archive bout courtesy of Real Quality Wrestling!


Saturday, 19 January 2013

NECW ONLINE UPDATE 42 - January 19, 2013

With NECW's return to live action just a couple of weeks away, a new NECW ONLINE UPDATE is available for viewing.

On this edition, the NECW Tag Team Championship is on the line as champions Da House Party take on the upstart team of "Superstar" Scotty Slade and "The Shure Thing" Mark Shurman in a fast and furious battle that takes a surprising turn at the end.

Plus a rundown of all the matches for NECW's SNOWBRAWL on Friday night, February 1 in Randolph, MA.

Jerry Lynn Shoot Interview 2003 - The Interactive Interview

A classic interview from back in 2003 with "The New FN Show" Jerry Lynn. Transcript and MP3 download available at

Christy Hemme Shoot Interview from 2006 - Interactive Wrestling Radio Shoots with the TNA Knockout

In 2006, we sat down with Christy Hemme for a rare interview. She did not do a ton of shows like ours. And, we'd like to think we did something special with her here. A fun interview from our live AM show as it was in 2006. Check out all our great interviews at

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ringside Or Riot - Season 2 Episode 1

Papadon PWINSIDERTV Interview Headlining Wrestlemania 1 Day, ECWA Super 8 Win, Extreme Rising & More

One of the name PWInsider believes will break out this year gets spotlighted as 2012 ECWA Super 8 Winner "The Greek God" Dmitrious Papadon discusses his tournament win, breaking into Extreme Rising (, why things really started to click for his career last year, his belief that he will one day headline Wrestlemania, his passion for the business, trying to streamline his work as a pro wrestler, carrying himself and believing in himself, working Sabu in his Rising debut, why the NYWC ( has turned into one of the best training grounds in the business, his theory on training, testing himself against ECW Originals, goals for the year and much more!

We will be checking in with Papadon over the course of 2013 to chart his career direction as the year unfolds. You can follow him via Twitter at

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Danger Zone Wrestling Podcast - Episode 1 (Pilot): Jan 16th 2013

The very first episode of The Danger Zone Wrestling Podcast. A new episode will be released every Wednesday evening.


Steve Corino PWINSIDERTV Interview Corino Curse, Ghosts of Hammerstein, ROH, Kevin Steen and More!

Former ECW and NWA champion Steve Corino talks to PWInsiderTV about a ton of topics, including the alleged Corino Curse that leads to promotions closing when he gets their title belt, whether he feels the ghosts of the past when ROH runs the Hammerstein Ballroom, what the legacy of Ring of Honor is, his role as "Jack Victory" for ROH champion Kevin Steen, his short run under contract for WCW in 2001, his personal favorite ROH moment, the Homicide feud and much more!

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Tommy Dreamer PWINSIDERTV Interview Part 3 State of Wrestling, Who Should Be WWE Champions & More

In Part Three of our interview with Tommy Dreamer (, discusses the state of wrestling talent today, WWE trying to get guys ready for national TV in just a few years, whether there will be a next generation of stars, why Sami Callihan and Kevin Steen could be World champions, how the way WWE looks at talent could prevent that, what first drew Dreamer to wrestling that is missing today, why he never worked the final ECW Arena, why he wishes it was still there, lessons he's learned since opening his wrestling school (, his students, differences when he trained for wrestling and those starting out today, loving CHIKARA, why he wishes he could win the Powerball and much more!

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Bobby Eaton PWINSIDERTV Interview - Jim Cornette, Tag Teams today, Working with TCW Wrestling & More

The legendary "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton discusses working for Traditional Championship Wrestling in Arkansas, what happens when Jim Cornette finds out the drive through windows are closed, his favorite territories, tag teams he likes today and much more!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

ECW Documentary Director Kevin Kiernan PWINSIDERTV Interview - Covering ECW

ECW Documentary director Kevin Kiernan discusses the forthcoming film on Extreme Championship Wrestling, how he came on board with the project, looking at ECW from outside the viewpoint of a pro wrestling fan, the most surprising thing he found about the company while working on the film, whether he ever felt de-sensitized to all the violence, what work is left in the production of the film, whether he feels ECW was a success or failure having studied the company, how the fan base supported the project via and much more.

Kevin's film promises to be "an unauthorized, in-depth documentary about the defunct pro wrestling organization, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). This film aims to take an honest, non-bias, and critical look at the history, legacy, and impact of ECW on the professional wrestling industry, as well as tell the stories of men and women who helped build this small mom and pop promotion into a national force. The documentary examines the violence and bloodshed, marketing and fan involvement, as well as the decisions of those in charge, through the company's triumphs, glory years, controversies, and demise."

Highlights From The 2013 Genesis Pay-Per-View Event

Friday, 11 January 2013

The Maximos w/ guest Mark Briscoe PWINSIDERTV Interview - National Wrestling Day, Tower of Doom

It's just another mundane PWINSIDERTV interview with Joel and Will, the Maximos when Mark Briscoe arrives on the scene!

The Maximos discuss their Ludus Wrestling School in Brooklyn, NY, upcoming seminars with TNA's Samoa Joe & former WWE star Nunzio, Fighting Spirit Wrestling taking part in National Pro Wrestling Day, whatever happened to Jose Maximo, training under Mikey Whipwreck, inventing the Tower of Doom spot that everyone uses on PPV today and much more!

If you are an ROH or Briscoes fan (and come on, who isn't), you'll love Mark Briscoe's run-in on our interview!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Best of WORLD WOMEN'S WRESTLING - Episode 1

NECW debuts a brand new web series - The Best of World Women's Wrestling!

On this debut edition, we take you back to the match that inspired the creation of WWW. It took place May 10, 2002 between Japanese star, Sumie Sakai, making her very first appearance in the United States as she took on one of the hottest stars in NECW at the time, Mercedes Martinez. The match was for the NECW-Jd' Yoshimoto Pro Wrestling North American Women's Championship - a title co-sanctioned by the two promotions. It was also a turning point event for both women, as well as NECW.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tommy Dreamer PWINSIDERTV Interview Part 2 Japan, Travel, Maintaining Health on Road & More

In Part Two of our interview with Tommy Dreamer (, we discuss Dreamer's insane schedule at the end of 2012, his last Japan tour, why the schedule made him feel like he was living life on drugs, what he uses to deal with pain and his body on the road, how age changes your ability to adapt to life on the road, what happens when he tries yoga and more!

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Dynamite Kid Documentary Director Jake Manning PWINSIDERTV Interview

PWInsiderTV Interviews Dynamite Kid documentary director Jake Manning, who discusses his recent trip to Calgary for the film, how using the Hart family name gets you through customs, sneaking into legendary venues to film material for the film, why great wrestling venues are really dumps, names interviewed for the project, his first meeting with Dynamite, support and more.

You can pre-order the Dynamite Kid documentary right NOW at

Monday, 7 January 2013

Billy Roc vs. Reed Bentley

For months, Reed Bentley's slowly undergone a personal transformation. At this time last year, he was a vile, heartless villain, not afraid to crush another man's heart and soul to gain even the smallest step ahead in this world. But after being stood up to during Class Wars: Season 1, he was brought back down to Earth and wanted to do things the right way.

Bentley began training under Billy Roc officially at the School of Roc over the summer, to erase his "black sheep" label he'd been given since debuting in pro wrestling. He began abandoning his cheating ways, replacing his scowl with a smile, and even found himself as Billy Roc's first draft pick for CLASS WARS: SEASON 2 (premiering on Monday, January 28). But he still finds himself without full trust on either side of the fence - both the one he used to stand and the one he finds himself standing now.

This is his final test - his graduation bout from the School of Roc. What has he learned in his months under the tutelage of Billy Roc and more importantly - can he earn the full trust of his teammates through his actions in this match?

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Jerry Lynn PWINSIDERTV Interview ROH Award, Fans Wanting Lynn to Keep Wrestling

Minutes after he received a special award from Ring of Honor, Jerry Lynn talks about how much the award means to him, how he feels about fans pushing him to continue on as a pro wrestler and more!

To see the ROH Final Battle iPPV with the Mike Bennett vs. Lynn bou, Nigel McGuinness presenting Lynn his achievement award and much more, visit

Matt Hardy PWINSIDERTV interview Health, OMEGA Reunion, Jeff Hardy, Off Season, WWE Star Power

Matt Hardy discusses the big OMEGA reunion "Chinlock for Chuck" benefit event in Durham, North Carolina on January 15th (, injuries suffered at the Extreme Rising iPPV, rebuilding his life and career over 2012, how he feels going into 2013, what he needs to do for himself, why he believes the business needs to have an off-season on the national level, the mentality of wrestlers working hurt that needs to change, getting the chance to actually enjoy life for the first time, his personal health, why WWE doesn't even need to sign wrestlers to full-time deals anymore, bringing in guest star talents for big shows, how talents get bored doing the same thing weekly, wrestlers he's been excited to work on the independents, work he's done on a future autobiography, projects he'd like to do with Jeff Hardy, changes in Jeff's life over the last few years and much more!

Matt took some time to talk with us right before his match against Adam Cole at ROH's Final Battle iPPV. You can see that match via iPPV at via video on demand.

For more on Matt Hardy visit and

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Interactive Wrestling Radio for Jan 5, 2013 - The Good and Bad of RAW, Impact, Aces and Eights

We discuss RAW, the comedy acts on RAW and Impact, The Rock's return, Sting's return, and if Aces and Eights are losing their luster.

Friday, 4 January 2013

John Philapavage PWINSIDERTV interview new ECW documentary, premiere, Raven, Billy Corgan and more

ECW documentary Producer John Philapavage discusses where his new, unauthorized Extreme Championship Wrestling film is in the post-production stage, the two issues they are working to complete now, what will be featured in the "extended cut" versus what will go on the film festival circuit, covering the Mass Transit incident in the film, recent interviews with Lou E. Dangerously and Billy Corgan, spending 13 years on the film, the official premiere, the editing process, most recent interviews, why he hopes others don't kill the golden goose, online fan support, his favorite ECW wrestler of all time, why 2013 looks to be a great year for independent wrestling documentaries and more!

John's film promises to be "an unauthorized, in-depth documentary about the defunct pro wrestling organization, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). This film aims to take an honest, non-bias, and critical look at the history, legacy, and impact of ECW on the professional wrestling industry, as well as tell the stories of men and women who helped build this small mom and pop promotion into a national force. The documentary examines the violence and bloodshed, marketing and fan involvement, as well as the decisions of those in charge, through the company's triumphs, glory years, controversies, and demise."

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Jerry Lynn & Homicide PWINSIDERTV Interview Backstage Extreme Rising Lynn Philadelphia Farewell

Minutes after their iPPV bout for Extreme Rising ( Jerry Lynn and Homicide discuss the former ECW World champion's Philadelphia farewell match.

Lynn discusses the match, what Philly meant to his career, what's left in his retirement tour, wrestling Lance Storm for the last time in February, the black eye Homicide gave him and more. Homicide then runs in and well, watch as silliness and mutual respect collides! This is the type of rare backstage material we hope to bring you on PWInsiderTV, so we hope you enjoy it!

To order the Extreme Rising iPPV with the Homicide vs. Lynn bout featuring Jerry's Philly farewell and much more, visit

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bulldozer Matt Tremont PWINSIDERTV Interview CZW Cage of Death, Homicide, Extreme Rising and more

CZW star Bulldozer Matt Tremont discusses main eventing the Cage of Death (, what went through his mind as he & DJ Hyde were about to go off the top of the cage, inspiration, goals, wrestling Homicide for the first time this weekend in New Jersey, why his Extreme Rising ( debut was a dream come true, 2013 goals and much more!

Follow Matt Tremont via Twitter at Tremont vs. Homicide this Saturday for On Point Wrestling -

Bret Hart PWINSIDERTV Interview New WWE DVD, New Book, NYC Reunion with Shawn Michaels and More!

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart discusses his upcoming reunion with Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania weekend in NYC, the Hart Mansion receiving heritage status in Canada, how he'd like to see Stu and Owen Hart honored, his new WWE DVD, footage WWE tried to find for the DVD, ownership of his Stampede Wrestling matches, Montreal still such a hot button topic, reconciling with Michaels and working again with WWE, plans for his second autobiography and much more!

For more details on the Bret & Shawn Reunion in NYC, visit

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Tommy Dreamer PWINSIDERTV Interview - WWE Return, House of Hardcore Future, Legacy and More

PWInsiderTV debuts with Tommy Dreamer discussing his return to WWE's Monday Night Raw, being injured, future plans for House of Hardcore, when he expects to run his next events, whether he was surprised by critics assuming it would be another ECW knockoff, why he doesn't like when promotions fight for the fans' dollar, reflections of the debut HOH event, why he likes to surprise the fans & much, much more!

For more on Tommy Dreamer, visit and