Thursday, 23 June 2016 Releases More Historical Footage!

Quickly becoming the source for vintage historic matches, has done it again releasing footage of what is believed to be the only DUSTY RHODES - BRUISER BRODY singles match in existence!

The footage from Houston consists of 17-plus minutes of amazing action from August 11, 1978. This is what the independent wrestling experts had to say:

" This is . . . the only singles match between these 2 ever to make tape. 1978 Dusty is loaded with charisma and is in pretty good shape. He even throws an awesome drop kick in this. I enjoyed early in the match Brody's stooging. Dusty's charisma carried this. Their were moments where Brody would turn it on and came across as a force of nature . . . this is a true treasure and a piece of history."

"Now . . . the Dusty vs Brody match. First of all, we think think this is the only Dusty vs Brody singles match we have. There's 7 mins of a FL tag with Dusty and Reed vs Brody and Studd, but this is one of the most historical things that On Demand has given us as of yet, strictly on paper. 17 minutes, 2/3 falls. I've relatively liked what I've seen of 78 heel Brody, before that first face turn. He stooges, he sells, he gives. He uses his lanky body to full effect tumbling this way or stumbling slowly down or flailing his arms about, or even positioning them up menacingly. I do think the match died a bit when he was on offense, but Dusty was quick to come back."

"In short, Dusty was electric with every little thing he did, and he did a few things I've never seen him do before, like the double axehandle that he fell down on or setting up for the Shattered Dreams '78 (which was the transition to Brody taking the first fall). I got such a kick out of him polishing off Brody's head before punching it and the sheer intensity that he took the second fall with was amazing to see. It's funny, but this was sort of worked like a modern CMLL Title match, with a back and forth first fall that ended with some escalation, a quick second revenge fall, and the a third fall with a lot of selling. The finish was a heat-saver but the post match had Dusty, again, being electric and I bet everyone went home happy. Unless I'm missing something, I'd call this hugely historical footage even if it wouldn't be the first match I'd suggest to people on the service. I'm very glad we have it."

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