Friday, 20 December 2013

Roundup of WWE Home Video UK news

Here's your final roundup of WWE Home Video UK news for 2013:

**Recent Announcements**

- Best PPV Matches 2013 & Survivor Series 2013 Content Confirmed. Buy from Amazon using the links below.

**Cool Stuff**

- You can find the WWE Home Video UK YouTube channel at On there you'll find a variety of trailers and clips from various titles. Below is a highlight of some of the new content present:

- Battleground 2013 trailer:

- The Attitude Era trailer:

- Best Of WCW Monday Nitro Vol.2

- ECW Unreleased Vol.2

- Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden

**Coming Soon**

- Battleground 2013 (Out on 6th January 2014)

- Best PPV Matches 2013 (Out on 13th January 2014)

- Hell In A Cell 2013 (Out on 27th January 2014)

- Survivor Series 2013 (Out on 24th February 2014)

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