Friday, 14 March 2014

Asked w/Riv & Landin #198: Interview w/former UFC & WWE Star Ken Shamrock

Legendary UFC fighter, and former WWE Intercontinental, Tag Team Champion & King of the Ring, Ken Shamrock talks with Riv & Landin discussing why the invite to Old School RAW keeps getting lost when it comes to the World's Most Dangerous Man, as well as the differences between working for Dana White & Vince McMahon, his thoughts on CM Punk's flirtations with transitioning into MMA, his work in self-defense and bodyguarding the top celebrities in the world, and a whole lot more. Special thanks to JayT WARSH from the inner circle agency in Toronto Canada & member of Tito ORTIZ's team punishment (@JayTWARSH on Twitter) for setting up this interview for us. Also be sure to follow Ken Shamrock on his Twitter account, @ShamrockKen.

And of course we still have crazy events and stories to discuss in the world of entertainment, news, politics & more. 1970 haunts us all with the Johnny Carson Sex Tape - and no we aren't kidding! Find out which Florida city the government is attempting to wipe off the face of the earth and why! Feminists (and Beyonce) are trying to ban the word "bossy" from ever being used to describe women! Do they have a valid argument, or are they just... you know... being bossy? And while we're at it, are "man-gagement" rings about gender equality or are they just unmanly? A candy store in Missouri offers Fat Tuesday freebies to anyone over 300 lbs. Is this a form of fat shaming? Is it offensive? Facebook bans a mother for posting pictures of her baby with a birth defect! Why is another Godzilla movie being remade and will people be seeing it for Godzilla... or for Heisenberg? Also we get some callers ranging from awesome to awful! Find out who called, what they had to say, and find out all about the guy who thinks he's going to hijack Wrestlemania XXX!!!

All this and more on the show you love to hate, Asked with Riv & Landin! The show you MUST listen to every Wednesday night!

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