Monday, 10 March 2014

TELE 5 brings back WWE to Free-TV in Europe!


TELE 5 brings back WWE® to Free-TV

Top-Deal between WWE® and TELE 5: The flagship program of WWE®, Monday Night RAW returns to TELE 5 on April 10, every single Thursday at quarter past 10.

Two hours of non-stop entertainment on TELE 5: 25 years after TELE 5 was the first German TV-Station to air WWE® on Free-TV – we are celebrating the return of one of the most successful entertainment shows on the planet. In the United States Monday Night RAW is one of the longest weekly episodic primetime television shows and also one of the highest rated broadcasts on cable.

The season-kickoff of Monday Night RAW will air on TELE 5 on April 10 at quarter past 10 with the biggest edition of the year. The Monday Night RAW after WWE's® biggest pay-per-view of the year: WrestleMania 30.


If you are in the UK you can get Tele 5 through your Satellite dish!
All you need to do is point your dish to the Astra1 satellite located at 19.2 degrees East of South.
As for where that is in the sky, you can use the following site to find out where you need to point your dish

First put your location in, and find your house on the map.
When you have done that, find 19.2E on the drop down menu under
"All Satellites | Motorized Systems | Multi-LNB Setups:"

Of course some knowledge of Satellite systems will be needed, and depending on your location in the UK you may need a slightly bigger dish than a standard Sky Dish, although I do know some people who have used Sky Dishes to pick up German channels.

But if you have an old unused dish on the side of your house, you can pick up a cheap satellite receiver off ebay for no more than £20, and connect it up, and you got free Wrestling!

Also on the German channels, you can use to find football matches airing on free TV, these can include FA Cup matches, Champions League matches, as well as the Bundesliga.

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